This page contains information regarding the many status effects in 7th Stand User.

Status Effect
Poison Causes damage over time (5% max + 1 HP every turn) and lasts longer than Bleeding and On Fire

but is easily removed by items. Caused by whatever poisons you.

Bleeding Strongest damage over time effect (20% max + 5 HP and 10% SP) and requires a First-Aid Kit or Diamond C or luck to remove. Lasts outside battle (lose 15 HP and 2 SP every 2 steps) unless cured.

(Caravan's First-Aid Kit will not remove bleeding.)

On Fire Damage over time (3% max + 1 HP) sometimes caused by Fire element or Explosive attacks

Cannot be removed by cheap items but is easy to remove naturally.

BlowBack Caused by attacks that have great force, wind element or explosions, skips a turn (lose 1% max HP).
Fear Something just freaked you out now you gotta skip your turn. Commonly caused

by explosions, gunfire, or something else.

KnockDown Character has fallen and needs to get up. Skips a turn to get back up.
Berserk You fly into a rage over something petty. Lose control of the afflicted and can only

use regular attacks (hit rate and power is decreased) until the afflicted calms down or is cured.

CantFind You have lost sight of the opponent, only caused by those with extreme speed (hit rate drops to 95%).

A different form of Darkness, single target attacks don't work well, can only be removed naturally or by Penetrating Glare, just use attacks that target all possible enemies and you'll hit.

Darkness Something got in your eye and now you can't see (hit rate goes to 80%). Basically the same as CantFind
Distracted Your attention was diverted. Works like CantFind but also makes you susceptible

to enemy attacks.

Ripple Causes damage over time (8% max + 1 HP, 1% max SP). Caused by Ripple attacks.
Drunk Aren't you a bit underage to be drinking? No control over the character, reduced

stats and high miss chance. Only caused by drinking alcohol outside of battle ("...You had a bit too much and got drunk..." will appear after the regular giddy message).

K.O. This person has 0 HP and you're probably fucked unless you get them back up. Can be cured with various skills and items, such as Cardiac Massage (may fail, revives with low HP), Stimulant (revives them with 50% max HP), or a Phantom Blood (revives and heals all HP and SP).
Bind Target is constricted and must struggle to escape. Skip turns until released and all

attacks will hit.

Frozen You have been encased in ice and now you're stuck until you thaw out.

Skip turns until that happens, all attacks will hit.

Shock Electrically shocked and unable to move for a while (lose 2% max + 1 HP per turn). Will cure naturally.