The Joykiller
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Japanese Name ザ・ジョイキラー (Za Joikiraa)
Namesake The Joykiller (punk rock supergroup)
User (Default Name) 毒島 (Busujima)
Distance Short-Range
Class Speed Type
Power C
Speed A
Range C
Precision B
Durability C
Potential B

"A humanoid, axe-wielding Stand that resembles a certain famous killer. By chopping things with its axe, it can cause them to gradually rot. Physically speaking, its strength is nothing to write home about, but its axe can phase through objects and slice cleanly through anything regardless of hardness." (In-Game Description)

"A cheerful, talkative person with a great sense of humor. Though merry on the surface, you can also be quite the worrywart. Very honest, but you don't allow anyone to see your insecure side. Spontaneous and impulsive, you'll try anything once. You drive people up the wall at times, but they adore you nonetheless." (Personality Evaluation)

Base StatsEdit

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 33 13 16 26 32
50 600 466 103 83 341 486

The Joykiller is a high damage output, high speed stand that excels at sweeping through opponents at close range. Once enemies step out of (S), his damage potency will be significantly reduced, making him rather situational. Most of his textbook skills also have a decent chance to inflict Poison or Corrode, but have high SP costs.

Despite his in game ability description, his attacks will still follow regular damage reductions from physical defense.

The recommended tactics for this Stand is "Desperation Attack" to maximize power - the Stand's Speed is more than enough to make up for the Durability debuff.


The Joykiller's normal attack is close-range, physical, hits all enemies, and has a 55% chance of inflicting Poison.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Stand Attack 1 1 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand. (S)
Cut 8 1 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. (S)
Knock Down 16 5 Sweeps the enemies off their feet. (S)
Decapitate 11 7 Swings with an axe. Occasionally 1HKOs. (S)
Iai Slash 32 8 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (S)
Desperation Attack 3 10 Attacks all enemies. Has low power & accuracy. (S)
Tomahawk 12 20 Inflicts damage on an enemy. (M)
Whole-Body Strike 45 20 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (S)
Chainsaw 10 23 Damages the enemy and sometimes inflict 1HKO. (M)
Contaminate 100 45 Inflicts various status effects on all enemies.1
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects

1Poison, Sleep, Paralyze, Berserk, Drunk, Dizzy, BlowBack, Fear, Confuse, OnFire, Surge, NoBreath, and/or Dissolve


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Let's Go! Overkill Jotaro
Toxic Barrier Kakyoin
Mad Spike Joseph
Poison Bomb Abdul
Double Slash Polnareff
Curtain Call Iggy

Overworld Interactions Edit


  • Allows you to cheat on the Daniel J. D'Arby Poker Game. He can catch you cheating; this makes you lose the game. However, if you don't get caught, you'll win the game, and earn 1 Badge of Honor.