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Tonio Trussardi is a traveling chef originally from Diamond is Unbreakable, found in multiple parts of the game.

If you navigate your way through the forest to the south in Japan, you'll reach Tonio's restaurant. Before the fight with Kakyoin, it'll be closed, but in the 2 days directly after the battle, you'll be able to dine there. You can either order take-out items from his menu, or have his full-course meal, which fully recovers your entire party's HP and, occasionally, buffs random base stats.

After the 2 days during which his shop is open in Japan, you'll be able to find him running around in certain cities on your journey depending on the day. He runs at maximum speed, so it can be tough to catch him, but if you do, you'll be able to order any of the options above. The prices for his take-out menu will remain the same no matter where you are, but the full-course meal will get more expensive the further along you are on your journey.


Location Days found
Hong Kong Days 2~3
Harbor Days 4~5 (has a stall in the marketplace)
Singapore Days 6~7
Calcutta Days 8~9
Varanasi Days 10~11
Karachi Days 12~13
Aswan Days 20~21
Kom Ombo Days 22~23
Edfu Days 24~25
Cairo Days 30~49

Tonio does not appear in the Foggy Town, the Fishing Village, or in any of the locations on the Submarine Route.

Full Menu:

Aside from the Mineral Water, these items cannot be used in battle.

Item Price Effect
Anchovy Pizza 40 Restores 50HP
Mediterranean Pasta 300 Restores 250HP
Pudding Surprise 180 Restores 80SP
Lamb & Applesauce 500 Fully restores HP & SP
Spaghetti Puttanesca 250 Revives a K.O.'ed ally with full HP & SP
Mineral Water 30 Cures Poison/Stomachache
Caprese Salad 90 Cures all status ailments except K.O.