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Vins is a mysterious fortune teller encountered throughout the game, and is later revealed to be the true final boss after defeating Dio.


Vins is the mother of Wes Bluemarine.


Original art by Clayman

Vins first appears in Singapore as an optional boss. She tells the protagonist to end their journey; if they refuse, the battle initiates. Upon her defeat, Vins swears to kill the protagonist and disappears without a trace.

Her next full appearance is in the ruins in Aswan, where she is revealed as the leader of the Slaves to Fate. This appearance explains more of her story, where she mentions her lost child, and leads to a second boss fight. She is presumed dead after this, but a short cutscene reveals that she escapes the collapsed ruins in the dead of night.

Vins makes another appearance in a cutscene, where she kills Raul and Inc. for questioning her.

Her final appearance is as a boss at the very end of the story, which depends on the ending the player is going to achieve. In the party member endings, Vins is fought as the final boss in the basement of Dio's mansion. Alicia and Berlin attempt to destroy Dio's diary, but she ambushes and attempts to kill them before the protagonist steps in to fight her. The dialogue prior to this battle reveals Vins' true nature as the adoptive mother of Weather Report from Stone Ocean, and she tells her backstory to the other characters present; she was turned into a vampire by a stone mask as her house was burned down, and set out to reunite with her son once she learned where he was. After this, she initiates a boss battle with the protagonist, and is finally killed when she loses. If she wins, the player is sent to the Sanctuary, where they can talk to other characters who were killed throughout the story.

In the "Everybody Lives" endings, Vins is encountered on a bridge in Cairo after stealing Dio's diary. Other than the setting, the battle itself is the same as the one in the party member endings. In the "Dark" and "Sacrifice" endings, she is also revealed to have killed Berlin and Alicia prior to the battle; this is not the case in the "Unrest" or "Succession" endings, as Berlin and Alicia are with the protagonist during those endings.

In all endings where Vins is encountered as a boss, her body crumbles away upon her defeat, and she dies while saying the name of her son.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Vins (Singapore) 400 120 180 Foo Fightalin Range: L. Rarely attacks, instead supporting Hanoi Rocks by raising defense with Anthem and summoning Spirits.
BOSS: Vins (Aswan) 2500 1000 4000 Crazy DX Range: L. Appears with Giant Zombie x1, Half-Zombie x2, and Freeze x1, which she'll revive if you defeat them before defeating her. If you didn't bring Speedwagon, she'll have 500 less HP.
BOSS: Vins (Stand: Hanoi Rocks) (Inner Cairo, final boss) 3000 2000 4500 Crazy DX

Steel Balls

The true final boss. Though her stats are slightly lower than Dio's, keep in mind you're fighting her with the protagonist alone, making her a foe to be reckoned with. When not attacking with the Iai Slash, she'll recover her HP with Dark attacks and suck your blood to damage you while healing herself. If you have a a very weak protagonist and feel you absolutely cannot win, buy Toxicants from the merchant in Cairo, as she's vulnerable to quite a few status ailments. She's also weak to Light. Set your tactics to something like Keep Your Distance that halves the enemy's attacks and the battle will be much easier.