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"According to the Speedwagon Foundation, Dio has been sighted around the ruins to the west of town. Even if he's no longer there, there may be hints as to his Stand's ability... Perhaps even a clue as to his weak points. Kakyoin and Abdul need time to recover, so we should look around town a bit." -Steel's progress report

If your FP with Kakyoin is 10 or higher and you choose to stay with him in the hospital, continue to Hospital. Otherwise, continue to Kom Ombo.

Party Members[]

Name Where to find
Jotaro West of the hotel, by the river (in party by default)
Kakyoin Out of commission - at the hospital
Joseph Inside the hotel
Abdul Out of commission - at the hospital (can be recruited if you have a Support-type Stand or Carpenters)
Polnareff North of the hotel
Iggy Inside the hospital (needs Coffee Gum to be recruited)

Obtainable Items[]




Item Price Effect
Shai 100 Restores 40HP/30SP
Shishkebab 150 Restores 90HP/90SP
Kushari 200 Restores 140HP/100SP
Hamam Mahshi 300 Restores 200HP/150SP

Hotel Counter[]

Item Price Description
Rations 200 Restores HP&SP
Bottled Water 5 Restores a teeny amount of HP & SP, can be used up to 5 times
Doner Kebab 300 Restores a large amount of HP
Kushari 700 Restores a considerable amount of HP
Fruit Basket 1000 Revives an ally from K.O.

Hotel Merchant[]

Item Price Description
Postcard 50 Binds an enemy
Incense 150 Restores a small amount of SP to whole party
Chai 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Coffee Gum 100 Cures Sleep
Game Console1 12,800 A Japanese-made game console

1Purchasable randomly. Sometimes when you talk to the merchant he'll mention having a special item in stock - that is when you can buy the Game Console.

Souvenir Shop[]

Item Price Description
Papyrus 500 Souvenir. Ancient Egyptian paper.
Spice Bottle 300 Cures entire party of Berserk, Confuse, and Sleep.
Egyptian Handkerchief 400 Equipment. Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton. Increases heat and cold resistance a bit.
Gold Barette 150 A gold hair barette for girls. Increases resistance to status effects a bit.
Postcard 50 Binds an enemy
Incense 150 Restores a small amount of SP to whole party
Chai 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Bag of Sand 70 Blinds enemies.
Sphinx Paperweight 500 Souvenir. A paperweight shaped like an Egyptian sphinx.
Pharoah Bust 1200 Souvenir. A miniature statue of a pharoah.
Egyptian Lamp 1500 Souvenir. A lamp reminiscent of Arabian Nights.


Item Price Effect
Shurbat Lisan Asfour 200 Restores 50HP/130SP.
Omm Ali 100 Restores 150SP.

Food Cart[]

Item Price Effect
Teen Shouky 40 Restores 20HP/30SP.

Secret Shop[]

(In the dark alleyway with a zombie across from the shirt shop, face right and press the action key.)

You can buy up to 5. Buying medicine from the previous medicine shops in Hong Kong and Singapore will not cause this shop to be sold out.


Party Events[]

  • Bringing Abdul
Requirements: Carpenters or a Support-type Stand
Normally, Abdul cannot be recruited in Aswan, as he's still recovering from the previous fight with Geb. However, if you talk to him with one of the above Stands in the party, you can heal him and bring him along with you. You'll also get +1FP.
  • Get-Well-Soon Gifts
At the hotel, you can buy Fruit Baskets from the counter. If you bring these to the hospital, you can give them to Kakyoin and Abdul as presents. Doing so will randomly give +1FP if your FP is below 10 and lower your bad karma, and this can be done as many times as you like. If you have the requirement to do Bringing Abdul than this event is no longer available for him.
There is also a Game Console that can sometimes be bought from the merchant at the hotel. Giving this to Kakyoin will give you +3FP.
  • Abdul's Friend Marjawan
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
In the house with shovels in them above where you can find Polnareff in Aswan, there's an archaeologist named Marjawan. Talk to him with Abdul in the party for an event, an Arrowhead Shard (if Polnareff's level is 40 or more, Polnareff hasn't learned Requiem, and Arrowhead Shard isn't in your inventory) and +1 FP. Using the Arrowhead Shard on Polnareff will cause him to learn Requiem.
  • Hermit Purple
Requirements: Joseph is in the party
Southeast of the inn, there's a show window with a TV. Investigate it for a short event with Joseph. If you haven't rescued Stroheim and Speedwagon, you'll get a hint about how to enter the ruins. Otherwise, he'll reminisce about an old friend of his. Afterwards, you'll get +1FP.
  • Cactus Snack
Requirements: Jotaro is in the party
If you talk to the man selling Teen Shouky in the southeast part of town with Jotaro in the party, he'll take an interest and buy some, restoring some of the party's HP/SP and raising Jotaro's FP.
  • Egyptian Scarf
Requirements: Iggy is in the party
South of the hospital is a man selling cotton T-shirts. Talk to him with Iggy in the party, and he'll notice and cloth handkerchief. Buy it for 1000G, and Iggy will gain FP and equip the Egyptian Handkerchief.
  • Papyrus
Requirements: Polnareff is in the party
Near Polnareff is a man selling papyrus for 1000G. Buying it will give you the same papyrus that's available in the souvenir shop. Choosing not to buy it with Polnareff in the party will trigger a short scene and raise Polnareff's FP.
  • What's up with Jotaro?
Requirements: Talk to Polnareff with Jotaro in the party, or vice-versa
When you talk to Polnareff or Jotaro with the other as a party member, they'll have a short conversation about something that happened on the way to Aswan. Afterwards, you'll gain FP with whichever one was in your party at the time.

Story Events[]

  • Mysterious Ruins
This event begins a little differently depending on which story route you took.
If you didn't rescue Speedwagon and Stroheim: Near the entrance to the ruins on the west side of town, there's a beggar who's selling a key for 1000G. If your bad karma is above 2, you can steal it from him to get the key for free and get +2 bad karma. Head to the ruins entrance, and Gallahad (the man who accompanies you on the Submarine Route) will join the party. If you took the Submarine Route, he'll have gained 7 levels since the last time you saw him.
If you rescued Speedwagon and Stroheim: Northeast of the hotel, Speedwagon will be running hurriedly around town. Talk to him and you'll decide to investigate the ruins together. Since he already has the key, just head to the ruins entrance. Speedwagon will be 10 levels higher than the last time he was in your party.
Head through the underground path that the ruins entrance leads to. There's a secret path in between the first wall that leads past the zombies and straight to the ruins if you want to take a shortcut. Once you emerge on the other side of the river, head north to the ruins. If you rescued Speedwagon and Stroheim, you'll find Dire here, who will join the party. Proceed through the dungeon and defeat the two bosses to advance the storyline.
(Note: Defeating the first boss will raise the FP of your party member, defeating the second boss will raise it up again, and leaving the ruins will raise it one more time.)
  • Caring for Kakyoin
Requirements: Kakyoin's FP is 10 or above
After defeating the boss of the ruins, you'll automatically be transported to the hospital. If your FP with Kakyoin is high enough, you can choose to stay at the hospital as his bodyguard. Choosing to stay with him will raise his FP by 1. This route will skip Kom Ombo and the Anubis fight, but you'll get a short original story route involving two Stardust Crusaders bosses who don't appear in the game normally.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Fireflies 130 200 100 Diamond C No longer appears if you beat Faith in the Fishing Village.
Freeze 150 300 100 Diamond C Same as the ones in the Fishing Village.
She-Zombie 200 M: 200

S: 300

100 Ripple-Infused Wine Range: S-M. They can attack in broad daylight due to their heavy clothing. Appears alone at range S, or in a group of 3 at range M. Weak to Light.
Mounted Soldier 200 250 200 Surgical Tools Range: L. Same as the ones in the fishing village.
Mushroom Zombie 200 150 50 Temperance C Range: S. Weak to Light.
Half-Zombie 130 150 30 Ripple-Infused Wine Range: M. Weak to Light. Pretty weak at this point in the game, but Speed is quite high.
Giant Zombie 300 250 50 Range M: great medicine

range S: amazing medicine

Range: M. Weak to Light. High HP and attack power.
MINI-BOSS: Freu 1000 500 1000 Sunlight Remedy Range: L. Supports his Stand by attacking with guns, and can use medicine to recover HP.
MINI-BOSS: Rinocerose 3000 2000 1000 Surgical Tools Range: M. Appears with Freu. Its attacks miss a lot, but can take out a huge chunk of your HP if they do hit.
BOSS: Vins 2500 1000 4000 Crazy DX Range: L. Appears with Giant Zombie x1, Half-Zombie x2, and Freeze x1, which she'll revive if you defeat them before defeating her. If you didn't bring Speedwagon, she'll have 500 less HP.
BOSS: Hanoi Rocks 2500 1000 500 Medical Tookit Range: M. Appears with Vins. Uses sword slashes and inflicts Darkness with blinding light. If you didn't bring Speedwagon, it'll have 500 less HP. Not immune to OHKO moves.