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"So we've finally reached India... About time, eh? ...I'm sure you're exhausted, but I doubt these assassins will provide us ample time to rest. The man with two right hands is somewhere here... And one more... A gunman who seems to have been dropped in the wrong era. Both of them should be formidable opponents. Once you've prepared, meet with everyone in the hotel restaurant." -Steel's progress report

Calcutta is where the story splits off into two branching paths. After the Hanged Man event in the restaurant, Polnareff will storm off, and you'll have a choice of whether to follow him or stay behind with the group. Going with him will increase his FP by 3 and Abdul's by 5, and put you on the Submarine Route, and letting him go will put you on the normal (manga) route.

If you stayed with Joseph and the others, continue to Varanasi. If you went with Polnareff, continue to SPW Foundation Camp.

Party Members[]

Name Where To Find
Jotaro Shops on mats north of the hotel
Kakyoin Empty marketplace on the west side of the river
Joseph Shops on the west side of the river, right in front of the bridge
Abdul In front of the hotel
Polnareff At the dock

Obtainable Items[]




Item Price Effect
Chai 100G Restores 40HP/30SP
Fish Jhol 120G Restores 75HP/80SP
Shukto 200G Restores 150HP/100SP
Mutton Curry 250G Restores 200HP/100SP

Souvenir Shop[]

Item Price Effect
Incense 150G Restores a small amount of party's SP
Postcard 50G Immobilizes enemies
Chai 300G Restores a lot of SP
Spice Bottle 300G Cures entire party of Berserk, Confuse, and Sleep
Panja1 600G A women's accessory that's draped on the hand
Ganesha Statuette 500G Souvenir. A small stone statuette of Ganesha.
Elephant Knick Knack 800G Souvenir. A metal knick knack with an elephant design.
Shiva Carving 3500 Souvenir. A large wooden idol in the shape of Shiva.
Talwar2 300,000 Souvenir. A curved sword crafted from Damascus steel.

1 Though the Panja is equipment, it can be displayed in your house with the other 'souvenir' items.

2 Only available after you complete the Blacksmith's Forge event below.

Vending Machines[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP
Diamond C 300G Restores a lot of HP
Overdrive SY 300G Restores a lot of SP
Requiem G.E. 300G Heals various status ailments
Ripple-Infused Cola 300G Heals entire party


Item Price Effect
Rations 200G Restores HP & SP
Bottled Water 5G Restores a tiny amount of HP & SP, 5 uses
Samosa 300G Restores a large amount of SP
Doner Kebab 300G Restores a large amount of HP
Chai 300G Restores a lot of SP


Item Price Effect
Great Medicine 300G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP and SP, but cures Ripple and Drunk.
Amazing Medicine 300G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP and SP, but cures Confuse and Sleep.
Supreme Medicine 300G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP and SP, but cures Poison and Darkness.
Godly Medicine 300G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP and SP, but cures K.O, Berserk, and Frozen.
Perfect Medicine 300G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP and SP, but cures OnFire and Surge.
Experients Tablet 1000G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of HP, but cures K.O, Berserk, Distract, Drunk, and Surge.
Ecroesterol 1000G Fake. Restores a negligible amount of SP, but cures Darkness, Confuse, Dizzy, Paralyze, and Frozen.
Crazy BX 1000G Fake. Use in battle for a temporary Power buff.
Foo Fytalin 1000G Fake. Use in battle for a temporary Durability buff.
Darditol 1000G Fake. Use in battle for a temporary Spirit buff.
Starblatodine 1000G Fake. Use in battle for a temporary Speed buff.
Book of Evil3 10,000G Raises bad karma by 1~2pts.
Book of Cleansing3 10,000G Lowers bad karma by 1~2pts.

3 Available from the merchant who appears near Kakyoin on days 15~16


"Electronics from Japan" (500G): Scrap Metal

"Delicious tea" (200G): Tea

Bouquet (500G)

"Medicine for you" (1000G): Strange Medicine


Story events[]

  • VS. Hanged Man
When you're ready to advance the story, head to the restaurant in the hotel. After the event, you'll be given a choice between letting Polnareff go and following him - this choice will decide which route you take up until the battle with Judgment. See the top of the page for more info. If you're playing as Josuke, you do not get this choice, and are forced to let Polnareff go. If your Stand is Napalm Death, Mr. Big, or Quicksilver and you chose to follow Polnareff, there will be extra dialogue between the player character and Hol Horse. The dialogue will also change if the player character is female.
Whichever route you pick, you'll soon begin a battle against J. Geil, Hanged Man, and Beggars while playing as Polnareff and Kakyoin. Damaging the beggars in any way will result in a game over. This battle can either be ended via Kakyoin's Brainstorm command or by defeating J. Geil directly. Ending the battle with Brainstorm will increase Polnareff's FP, and ending it by defeating J. Geil will raise Kakyoin's.

Party Events[]

  • Bookseller
Requirements: Jotaro, Abdul, or Polnareff in the party (this mission is not exclusive, you can complete it with all of them, it is a great way to raise FP on the same run)
Straight north from the hotel there is a man selling books on a mat where you can trigger several events with your party. Jotaro's event will raise his FP by 1, as well as enable you to do the Generator event below. Abdul's event will raise his FP by 2 and add Secret Book Vol. 1 (teaches the Ripple Breathing skill) to your inventory. Polnareff will buy a dirty magazine - if you're a male, he'll gain 2FP and you'll get a Bawdy Magazine, and if you're female, you can say "That's nice" or ask him to show you: The former raises his FP by 1, and the latter doesn't raise it at all but adds Scary Story to the inventory.
  • Buying Flowers
Requirements: Kakyoin in the party
In the shade of a building in the southwest corner of town is a Bengali woman selling flowers. If you're with Kakyoin, he'll buy one from here, then decide you can have it. If you're playing as a female, you'll pull him aside and reprimand him. Either way, he'll gain 1FP and a Bouquet will be added to the inventory.
  • The Blacksmith's Forge
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
North of the hotel is a building with a sword sign. Inside is a blacksmith who has become depressed due to his prized forge breaking down. The forge cannot be repaired with either Carpenters or Caravan, but if Abdul is with you, he'll fix it with Magician's Red, gaining FP and 200EXP. Afterwards, you'll be able to buy a Talwar in the souvenir shop, and if you inspect the one in the glass case with Abdul in the party, he'll give you some trivia.
  • Generator
Requirements: Jotaro is in the party and his Bookseller event has been triggered OR your Stand is Carpenters or Pharoah Sanders OR your level is 35 or higher and your Stand is Caravan
On the west side of the river, there's a man trying to repair a generator to power nearby homes. If Jotaro is with you and you saw his event at the Bookseller, he can fix it in exchange for 3 Scrap Iron (can be bought at the electronics seller by the hotel), which will reduce Bad Karma by 1 and increase the party's EXP by 300 and Jotaro's FP by 1. If you have Carpenters, you can fix it at the cost of 3 Scrap Irons, if you have Pharoah Sanders, you can power it in exchange for 130SP, or if you have Caravan and your level is 35 or higher and you are in the science club, you can fix it with Caravan. Fixing or powering the generator will reduce Bad Karma by 1 and increase your EXP by 500 if you fixed it or by 1000 if you powered it. Afterwards, you the previously dark buildings on the west side of the river will be lit.


  • Cabaret
Requirements: Male protagonist, fought Joey in Singapore
In the southwest corner of the map, there's a merchant who promises to show you cute young girls. Accept his invitation, and you'll be taken to a cabaret, where you'll find yourself surrounded by Murderdoll EXs and soldiers. Defeat Joey behind the counter to leave and gain FP with whoever is in your party. Every party member has different dialogue.
  • Black Tree Fruit
Across the bridge and to the north, there's a man on a mat selling fresh fruit. If you buy it, you'll recover, but will be inflicted with Mummy status, which saps your health as you walk. Chase down the Stand that appears to start a battle, which gives you Black Tree Fruit (an excellent recovery item) if you win. You skip the chase sequence and start the battle if you're playing as Josuke. You can trigger this event as many times as you like to stock up on Black Tree Fruits.
  • Don't Fall!
Requirements: Triggered the Man In Uniform event in the Harbor
Underneath the bridge, there's a shady area full of zombies that can be accessed by reading the sign on the lower edge. There's a small hole in one of the pillars that you can crawl through by going up to it and pressing the right button. If you activated the required event, a special will be waiting at the end of the beach. Talk to him to add him to your party - if Joseph is with you, then you'll get a longer conversation. Talk to the fisherman to leave the bridge area, then enter the hotel to end the event. Once the event ends, you'll gain 2 FP for Joseph, regardless of whether he was in your party or not.
Warning: if you have a Sickly protagonist and collapse with the man in your party, he will disappear from the beach, but the game won't count the event as having been triggered. This means any story events that have this event as a prerequisite will not be available, so be careful.
  • Crazy Truck
There's a truck driving at a high speed across the bridge and around the western side of town. If it hits the player, they'll sustain 50 damage. However, if your Stand is Red Garland, if you're playing as Josuke, or if Jotaro is with you, the damage is negated, and you can view a short event instead.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Burns 50 30 50 Echoes High Range: M. Appears in a group with Burns x1, Bombs x2, and Spirits x2.
Bombs 65 55 50 Gunpowder See above.
Spirits 60 100 65 Herb-Infused Drink See above. While they don't damage as much Burns or Bombs, they can inflict Darkness and Confusion on party members with their blinding lights, so watch out.
Green Hornet 2 32 35 30 Ointment Same as the ones in Singapore.
Murderdoll Lv. 4 90 75 50 Diamond C Same as the ones in Singapore.
Assassin 75 83 56 Handgun Same as the ones in Singapore.
Wicked Master 90 75 50 Diamond C Same as the ones in Singapore.
Zombie 110 130 30 Rations Range: S. Will most likely not be a threat at your current level, so if you want to level the hidden character from the Don't Fall event, this enemy is a good choice.
Foot Soldier 150 100 85 Submachine Gun Range: S. Get rid of them quickly, as they can use firearms that deal out tons of damage.
Murderdoll EX 80 90 85 Hand Grenade Range: S. Only appears in the Cabaret.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Joey 500 1000 2000 Bazooka Launcher Range: M. Stats are average, and he doesn't really have any skills to watch out for, but like the Foot Soldiers, he has guns and ammunition that can deal heavy damage to the party.
OPTIONAL BOSS? 2: Black Eyed Peas 200 100 100 Black Tree Fruit Range: S. Defeat it quickly or it will sap your HP to restore itself. Note that the drop is not 100%.
BOSS: J. Geil 300 250 400 Mediterranean Pasta Range: L. Be particularly wary of his Laugh skill, which inflicts Berserk and may cause you to damage the Beggars. Even if you defeat him without Brainstorm, you won't receive EXP or items, so choose based on which FP bonus you need most.
BOSS: Hanged Man (Mirror) 300 250 400 Badge of Honor Cannot be attacked. Fast, and hits fairly hard, but typically not enough to OHKO, so pay attention to your HP and it shouldn't be much of a threat.
BOSS: Beggars 10 0 0 None Range: S. Since they're just bystanders, damaging them in any way will lead to a Game Over. Their only attack is to 'move closer,' which will always miss.