7th Stand User Wiki

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  1. Head to 1. Check the computer and enter Dio's date of birth (1867). This will unlock the passage to the submarine's power controls.
  2. Go to 2. Get the bar key from the chest and use it to open the leftmost wine cabinet at 3 (the room where you met Hol Horse). This will unlock the passage to the submarine.
  3. If you intend to do Sade's event, do so before Step 4. To activate it, head to the Cellar while your Day count is under 20. Continue to check back on her after battling Michael to see dialogue changes.
  4. Go to 4 using the passage you opened in 1. Input 'soul'. This will drop the ladder to Charlie's room.
  5. Go to 5, check the computer, and input 525. This will allow you use the submarine's fuel pump. Go to 6 and activate it.
  6. If you've spoken to Sade, return to retrieve her before boarding the submarine for an additional scene and information about the Slaves of Fate. Whether you do or do not, head to the exit to finish the event.

You can also use the hidden panel in Charlie's room and input "help" to drop the ladder to the attic.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
SECRET BOSS: Michael (Stand: Power Of Dreams) 800 2000 2000 Crazy DX Range: S. A tough boss with some of the highest Attack and Durability you've seen yet. His Spirit stat is very low, however, so if you have attacks that are based on that stat, use those. Status effects will also work well.
SECRET BOSS: Michael (Stand: Power Of Dreams) 1200 3000 2500 Crazy DX Range: S. He's powered up a bit for the second fight. In addition to Attack and Defense, he's also gotten a boost to his Speed and Spirit, and many status effects no longer work against him.
SECRET BOSS: Zombie Sade (Stand: Promise) 1000 1000 5000 Badge of Honor Range: M. Not as tough as Michael, but still no pushover. She has a very high Spirit stat, so physical attacks are going to be the best bet against her. Status ailments work as well. Be warned that she doesn't drop a Badge of Honor 100% of the time.