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There are no opportunities to use the radio here, so Steel doesn't have a progress report.

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  • Going For a Swim
After the conversation on the deck, Polnareff will invite the group to go swimming. If you wear a bunny suit, you will get a special dialogue. You can accept, decline, or mention that you can't swim. The third option will give you the "Can't Swim" trait, which changes certain lines of dialogue, and, if you join the undersea battle with Jotaro, will cause you to begin with Confuse status.
  • Sneak Attack!
Before the Dark Blue Moon battle, as Captain Tennille gives his monologue to Jotaro, you can seize the opportunity to ambush him. If so, a battle will start, and if you succeed within 3 turns, the scene will skip to when Jotaro's pulling up the runaway girl, and you can join the following fight. If you fail, the scene will simply continue as normal. If your Stand is Pharoah Sanders, there will be extra dialogue during this fight.
  • Undersea Battle
Requirements: Ambushed and defeated Captain Tennille
If you were able to beat Dark Blue Moon in the required 3 turns, you'll be pulled underwater along with Jotaro, and join him in the next fight. You'll gain FP with Jotaro, and if you can swim and have Deep Purple, Pixies, or Caravan, you'll get an extra event which removes the 10-turn time limit. If you picked the "Can't Swim" trait that scene will take priority over the stand scene.
If your Stand is Pixies, in addition to removing the time limit, Dark Blue Moon will begin the fight with the NoBreath status.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Dark Blue Moon (Ambush) 125 300 500 Darbitol Range: M. Can be damaged with physical attacks. Weak to Electric attacks, and also slightly weak to Fire.
BOSS: Dark Blue Moon (Underwater) 300 300 500 Echoesterol Range: M. Must be defeated within 10 turns. Weak to Electric attacks.