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Story Events

  • Route Split
Which ending you'll get is determined by your FP total at the time of entering the mansion. If your total sum of all party members' FP is less than 30, you'll receive the normal ending. If it's 30 or more, you'll receive the ending of the party member whose FP is the highest; in case of a tie, the priority order is Iggy>Polnareff>Abdul>Joseph>Kakyoin>Jotaro. See Ending Guide for more details.
As soon as you enter the mansion, you'll encounter D'arby, who will drag Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin into a wormhole. You can choose to go with them to be put on D'arby's route, or choose to stay behind to be put on Vanilla Ice's route. This choice doesn't affect the story, only the bosses that you'll fight before Dio. Also, if you're on Abdul or Iggy's ending route, you'll be forced onto the Vanilla boss route automatically. Note that taking the Vanilla Ice route has Polnareff learn Unleash.
  • D'arby the Player
On D'arby's boss route, your character will volunteer to challenge him in the first game of F-Mega Mini. Winning the minigame, a more difficult version of the one in your house, will give you a Badge of Honor. Losing will have events proceed as they did in the manga. However, if you're on King Crimson mode and choose to skip the race event, you'll be taken to a fight with D'arby, an incredibly tough enemy who will be made pathetically easy to beat due to the fact that you have 4 party members.
  • Vanilla Ice, the Spirit of Emptiness
This scene will be altered drastically on Abdul or Iggy's route, though the battle itself won't change. The boss battle with Vanilla can be escaped, which will advance events according to the original story. Unfortunately, the result of the Vanilla Ice battle does not affect the outcome in any way besides skipping a cutscene or two and EXP/drops.

Character/Gender specific

  • Alone VS Atum
Requirements: Carpenters at level 35 or higher, Cardigans at level 35 or higher, Caravan at level 40 or higher, Mr. Big at level 40 or higher
If your Stand is Carpenters, Cardigans, Caravan, or Mr. Big and the level requirement has been met, an event will play during D'arby's route and you'll be taken to a fight with D'arby on your own.

Enemy Data

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Terence T. D'arby (Stand: Atum) 2000 2000 3000 Phantom Blood D'arby can only be fought if you skip the F-MEGA event with King Crimson, or if you have Carpenters, Cardigans, Caravan, or Mr. Big.

The party will start the battle with MindRead status, drastically lowering hit rate. To counter this, stop his movement with Bind, Fear, BlowBack, or other paralyzing statuses in combination with hit-all moves like Kakyoin's Hierophant Barrier and Joseph's Cunning Hermit.

BOSS: Vanilla Ice (Stand: Cream) 2000 2500 3000 Sunlight Remedy This battle can be run from to proceed with the cutscene if necessary. He possesses an array of 1HKO moves and attack while invincible in the Dark Dimension. He'll also recover 20HP automatically every turn. However, in a nod to the original story, he can be inflicted with Berserk and he is INCREDIBLY weak to Light/Ripple.
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