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Party MembersEdit

Though Jotaro is the main character of the chapter, any party member can be used to challenge the boss, and the dialogue will be different for each. Kakyoin cannot be recruited until after the jail cell is opened.

Name Where to Find
Jotaro On deck
Kakyoin On deck
Joseph On deck
Abdul On deck
Polnareff On deck

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Where To Find
Dora Cola Ship Control Room
Bawdy Magazine Jail Cell (after finding key)
Overdrive SY Jail Cell (after finding key)
500G Bottom-right side of 1st floor
Hand Grenade Top-right side of 1st floor
Overdrive SY x2 Upper side of first floor
Ripple-Infused Cola Upper side of first floor
Herb Bottle Upper side of first floor
Ointment x2 Bottom-left side of 2nd floor
First-Aid Kit Bottom-right side of 2nd floor
Rations x2 Bottom floor
Cell Key Bottom floor


Vending MachinesEdit

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP
Diamond C 300G Restores a large amount of HP



  • Jail Cell
Though there are bug stands flying around the boat, there's no sign of a boss. Open the chest with the Cell Key on the bottom floor and head back to the jail cell on the deck, then head back to the bottom floor to initiate a battle.


  • Free Healing
Talk to the nurse on the bottom floor to recover for free. However, after you do so, there's a chance of a random status effect being inflicted as soon as you walk out the door.
  • Sweet Honey
Once the orangutan has escaped from the cage, if you check the corpse where the nurse was standing, you'll notice something odd about it. If you head back to the bottom left on the 1st Floor of the ship and check one of the beds, Kate, the user of the Green Hornets, will attack. Defeat her for a Badge of Honor, and in addition, all Green Hornets on the ship and in future destinations will vanish.

Enemy DataEdit

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Hook 48 40 30 Dora Cola Range: M, but short-range attacks are equally effective. Random encounter on the deck. Checking the hook by the sailor also starts a battle. Weak to Fire, Electricity, and Light.
Propeller 20 40 20 F.F. Sports Drink Range: M, but short-range attacks are equally effective. Random encounter inside the ship. Appears with Hydrant. Occasionally self-destructs by launching itself at the party. Weak to Fire, Electricity, and Light.
Hydrant 40 35 16 Bottled Water Range: S. Random encounter inside the ship. Appears alone or with Propeller. Can inflict Bind. Weak to Ice, Electricity, and especially Earth, Wind, and Light.
Green Hornet 32 15 15 G.E. Coffee Same as the ones in Hong Kong. Difficult to avoid as they tend to trap you in the middle of hallways. Weak to Wind.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Kate 300 400 500 Badge of Honor Range: M. Having mid- or long-range attacks will make the battle easy. Defeating the Green Hornets that accompany her won't damage her, and will only cause them to respawn with full health. Weak to Fire, Earth, and Light.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Green Hornet 32 25 25 Ointment Range: M. 6 of them appear with Kate. Same as the ones in Hong Kong but with lower HP, higher stats, and a poison attack that can hit all party members.
BOSS: Forever 300 500 700 Crazy DX Starts out at range M. Will summon a Propeller and Hydrant that will recover each turn. Invincible to physical attacks while inside the wall. If Bind status (or any status that restricts movement barring K.O.) is inflicted on Jotaro, a special scene will play and the battle will end while still giving out EXP, items, etc.