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"So you've finally reached the harbor. Now you can properly begin your journey to Cairo. But traveling by sea means there are few opportunities to stock up on supplies. I'd take this chance to buy anything you think you might need later. Why don't you bring a friend?" -Steel's progress report

Despite being a small map, the Harbor introduces the ability to walk around with other party members in tow, allowing you to fight minibosses together and trigger special events that raise FP.

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Party Members[]

Polnareff can be found in the hotel, but cannot be added to the party.

Name Where to Find
Jotaro Eating at the restaurant
Kakyoin In front of outdoor shops at bottom-left corner of map
Joseph Bottom-left corner of the indoor market
Abdul At the docks in the northern part of the map

Obtainable Items[]




Item Price Description
Rice Balls 50G Restores small amount of HP
Tea 50G Restores small amount of SP
Sweets 130G Restores small amount of HP/SP
Knife 200G Attack +5/wards off Bind status when equipped
Sunglasses 300G Wards off Darkness status when equipped
Magazine 200G Reduces chance of 1HKO when equipped

Vending Machines[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP


Item Price Effect
Espresso 50G Restores 15HP/35SP
Seafood Pasta 85G Restores 60HP/22SP
Paella 125G Restores 90HP/22SP
Dry Curry 98G Restores 80HP/20SP


Item Price Description
Sushi Restaurant:
Tamago 20G Restores 25HP/10SP
Salmon 40G Restores 35HP/25SP
Ikura 50G Restores 65HP/35SP
Toro 60G Restores 50HP/50SP
Whiskey 20G Restores 5HP/20SP
Take-Out Counter:
Seafood Pizza 50G Restores 30HP/30SP
Spaghetti Nero 50G Restores 10HP/45SP
Broiled Fish 15G Restores 15HP/5SP
Herbal Tea 20G Restores 10HP/10SP
Black Pepper 200G Is actually gunpowder. Use in battle to attack all enemies.
Star Sand (Bag of Sand) 70G Inflicts Darkness status on enemies when used in battle.

Street Vendors[]

Item Price Effect
Waffles 30G Restores 12HP/12SP
Fish Balls 30G Restores 20HP/10SP
Cheong Fun 30G Restores 10HP/17SP
Hot Cola 30G Restores 20HP/25SP
Congee 50G Restores 30HP/10SP
Medicine (Strange Medicine) 300G Raises and lowers base stats at random


Party Events[]

  • Present
Requirements: Female protagonist, Kakyoin in party
When Kakyoin is in the party, talk to the shopkeep he was standing in front of before, and Kakyoin will offer to buy you a gift. You can choose between a Gold Barette, a Pearl Necklace, or Brass Knuckles. Whatever you choose will be equipped automatically, and Kakyoin's FP will go up by 1.
  • Lost Wallet
Requirements: Pixies, or Kakyoin/Joseph in party
At the docks near Abdul, talk to the woman looking towards the ocean and she'll explain that she dropped her wallet in the ocean. If Joseph or Kakyoin helps her, they'll get +1FP. If the protagonist helps her with Pixies, you'll get 300G as thanks and +150 EXP.
  • Sushi Bar
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
If you enter the sushi bar with Abdul in the party, you'll get a short scene, and Abdul's FP will go up by 1. The FP will go up just by entering - there's no need to actually buy any sushi. However, if you do buy some sushi, Abdul's FP has a very small chance to go up by 1, with more expensive meals having a greater chance (although the chance for his FP to go up with the most expensive meal is still a meager 1/150).
  • Ladies' Man
Requirements: Male protagonist, Kakyoin is in the party, Nervousness below 4 (decided by the personality quiz)
In the marketplace, there's a woman drinking at the bar. Sit with her to raise Kakyoin's FP by 1. This will only trigger for certain protagonists depending on the number of "shy"/"antisocial" answers on the personality quiz - for example, Miracles or Wildhearts may not be able to get it.
The event goes basically as follows: Kakyoin is hesitant, but the protagonist tells Kakyoin the girl seems to be interested in him. They both drink one glass, and then the woman drinks one. They note how well she can knock one back and how her adam's apple moves. This is followed by the (slower) observation that she has stubble. Instead of addressing it, they say the alcohol didn't settle right and leave.
  • A Small Gamble
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
When Abdul is in the party, a girl in a bunny suit will appear next to the restaurant. Talk to her, and you can bet 10G on a coin toss. Abdul's FP will go up by 1 after talking to the bunny girl, so there's no need to bet on the coin toss.
  • Assassins
Requirements: Jotaro is level 10 or above and is in the party
If Jotaro's level is above 10, an encounter with Assassins x3 will occur at a tile that moves randomly on the map. The starting location of the tile is marked in this picture. Defeat them to raise his FP by 1.
  • Food Connoisseur
Requirements: Joseph is in the party
Purchase any type of food while Joseph is in the party, and Joseph will commentate on it. Provides no FP.

Character/Gender-specific Events[]

  • Bunny Suit
Requirements: Female protagonist, no Bunny Suit in inventory
If you wait in the harbor 8 days into your journey, a bunny girl will appear in the market and offer to sell you a Bunny Suit for 5000G. There's also an extremely rare (roughly 1/800) chance that you'll get one for free by talking to the bunny girl standing by the bar. The Bunny Suit is an alternate costume that changes dialogue and sometimes causes either you or the enemy to lose a turn, like the Japanese Clothing for males. It can only be equipped when you're the only one in the party, but even then, your character will refuse to put it on the majority of the time.


  • Murder Mystery
Many people around town will mention a mysterious string of incidents involving an attacker who leaves behind large bird footprints, and a nervous-looking man hiding at the docks to the west. Check behind one of the pillars to find an enemy Stand user. He'll run away, but if you catch him a few times (not so easy to do, as he runs at max speed the final time, so try to get him cornered) you can begin a battle. Defeat him for -1 bad karma, +1 FP for whoever was in your party, and a Badge of Honor.
In addition, if your Stand is Wildhearts, it will chase him and bring him back when he tries to escape, starting the battle immediately.
  • Stand Users are drawn together...
Requirements: Defeated Utah in Hong Kong
In the room next to the sushi bar, Utah, who you met in Hong Kong, will ask if you want to battle him again. Defeat him for +1 FP for whoever is in your party. In addition, if you have less than 40 days left after beating him, he'll be walking around the marketplace, and occasionally give you something to eat when you talk to him. If you are on your fourth playthrough or up and intend to complete the Sword of St. George sidequest, this battle should be skipped in order to encounter Utah in Edfu later.
  • Man In Uniform
There's a man in the harbor who says he can see a man in a weird costume. Talk to the man hidden directly in front of him, on the edge of the map near the Jeep, and if you answer "yes" to his question a difficult battle will start. However, if Joseph is in the party, he'll instead persuade him to join you as an ally, raising Joseph's FP by 3 and altering events that occur later in the story. This event cannot be done if you are playing as Josuke.
  • Deviant
Should the current day be 48 or higher, Deviant will appear near the mat where you can find Kakyoin to offer the player to reverse time by 10 days with his stand Inner Days for 50,000G.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Green Hornet 32 15 15 G.E. Coffee Same as the ones in Hong Kong.
Burns 50 30 50 Echoes High Range: S-M. Same as the ones in Hong Kong, but they now appear in groups of 3.
Bombs 65 55 50 Gunpowder Range: S. Appears in groups of 3 or 1. You can tell them apart from Burns on the map as they occasionally jump. Their AoE bomb attacks deal high damage, and can cause Blowback, and they can unleash their energy, dealing more damage, but also destroying itself in the process. Weak to Ice, Electric, and Water elemental attacks.
Wicked Master 125 120 70 Ripple-Infused Cola Range: S. Appears in groups of 1.
Assassins x3 75 83 56 Handgun Range: L. All start out with HoldBack status. Can be run from in a pinch.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Emilio 150 250 500 Foo Fightalin

Badge of Honor

Range: M. Weak to Fire and Light. Considerably fast at 150 Speed, though not quite so much as Chicken Shack. Focus your attacks on him. Vulnerable to berserk. Can throw knives in hard mode.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Chicken Shack 300 - - Starplatodine Emilio's Stand. Range: M. Can inflict Poison and Confuse with its attacks. Extremely fast with a Speed stat of 500.
OPTIONAL BOSS 2: Utah 225 310 600 Mediterranean Pasta Range: M. Weak to Electric, Ice, and Light attacks. Essentially the same as Utah in Hong Kong but with much higher stats.
OPTIONAL BOSS 2: Saints 275 - - Spaghetti Puttanesca Range: M. Uses Wind elemental attacks that have a chance of inflicting BlowBack. Can also summon Burns.
EXTRA BOSS: Stroheim 700 350 0 Ultraviolet Lasers Range: S. Attacks with weapons like guns and grenades. You can get the Ultraviolet Lasers through a later event, so there's not really much point to defeating him. Electric attacks are super-effective, he's weak to Earth, and is susceptible to 1HKOs.