7th Stand User Wiki

"What a catastrophe... Who would've imagined you'd be attacked on a plane? But this is only the beginning... Dio will be in hot pursuit of your group as long as you present a threat. Now's a good time to hone your Stand's abilities... You wouldn't want to be dead weight, after all. You can recover by eating at the hotel in between vanquishing foes in town. But be warned that I sense two powerful Stand users here... If you're lacking in strength, I'd stay well away from them." -Steel's progress report

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Party Members[]


Obtainable Items[]




Item Price Description
Rice Balls 50G Restores small amount of HP
Tea 50G Restores small amount of SP
Sweets 130G Restores small amount of HP/SP
Knife 200G Attack +5/wards off Bind status when equipped
Sunglasses 300G Wards off Darkness status when equipped
Magazine 200G Reduces chance of 1HKO when equipped

Vending Machines[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP

Hotel Restaurant[]

Item Price Effect
Oolong Tea 20G Restores 15HP/5SP
Xiaolongbao 40G Restores 30HP/10SP
Twice-Cooked Pork 50G Restores 50HP/12SP
Mapo Tofu 60G Restores 50HP/20SP

Hotel Shop[]

Item Price Description
Rations 200G Restores HP and SP
Bottled Water 5G Restores a tiny amount of HP/SP. 5 uses.
Oolong Tea 100G Restores SP
Dumplings 120G Restores HP

Street Vendors/Cafes[]

Item Price Effect
Gai Daan Tsai 20G Restores 10HP/10SP
Waffles 30G Restores 12HP/12SP
Fish Balls 30G Restores 20HP/10SP
Cheong Fun 30G Restores 10HP/17SP
Hot Cola 30G Restores 20HP/25SP
Congee 50G Restores 30HP/10SP
Naicha (Milk Tea) 80G Restores 30HP/50SP
Douhua 100G Restores 10HP/60SP
Grilled Chicken 200G Restores 100HP/80SP

Souvenir Shop[]

Item Price Description
Chinese Tea Set 1000G Restores SP, cures poison
Stuffed Panda 800G Invokes Cry skill when used in battle
Tortoise Jelly 200G Restores HP and SP, cures Poison and Paralysis
Egg Tart 150G Restores HP and SP

Secret Shop[]

(On the sign below the broken-down truck in the southeast, face right and press the action key.)

You can buy up to 5. Doing so will cause the medicine shop in Singapore to be sold out.



  • Silver Chariot
Head to the restaurant to the north of town to continue the story. (There are two restaurants, but the one that starts the event will warn you before you continue, so there's no danger of accidentally leaving town. Also when you go in to the restaurant, you can see Passione members on your right.) After an event, you will head to Tiger Balm Garden to initiate the showdown. You'll be given three options: Have Abdul fight Polnareff, choose someone else to fight, or have the entire party gang up on him. Having Abdul fight will raise FP if he wins. Choosing someone else to fight will have no effect on FP. Choosing to gang up on him will allow all 3 of you (the player, Joseph, and Kakyoin) to fight at once, but Jotaro, Abdul, and Polnareff will lose FP and you'll gain +2 bad karma. Regardless of your choice, losing will have no consequence other than missing out on EXP and dropped items. During the cutscene in between the two fights, there will be extra dialogue if you have one of the three Swarm-type Stands (Specials, Pharoah Sanders, or Adam Ant).
Before the 2nd battle, you'll be offered another choice: Have Abdul fight him, have everyone fight him, or fight him yourself. Choosing Abdul will give his stats a boost (Lv. +1 and HP +100), but his HP will revert to normal at the end of the battle. Have everyone fight him and you'll start the battle with everyone except Abdul in your party, without losing FP. Fight him yourself to start a very challenging fight and gain FP with Jotaro, Kakyoin, Joseph, and Abdul.

Character/Gender specific[]

  • Food Poisoning
If you got the Weak Stomach trait from the Going-Away presents event in Japan, all food bought from food carts or cafes (and even restaurants in certain countries) will have a rare chance of inflicting the Stomachache status effect from now on. The Stomachache effect works similar to poison, decreasing HP with each step, and can be cured with the Stomach Medicine from the aforementioned event or with G.E. Coffee.
  • Shy Couple
Requirements: Pixies, Miracles, or Sonic Youth
Next to the lake in the center of town, there's a young couple. Using one of the above Stands, and you'll get to watch a proposal. You'll also gain 55 EXP.
  • Collapsed Man
Requirements: Miracles, Cardigans or Crazy Diamond
In between the hotel and the Chinese restaurant, there's a man passed out in the street with injuries. Use your Stand to heal him or relieve his pain to receive an Anchovy Pizza and 40EXP. If your Stand is Miracles, you'll learn the skill "Pain Relief" and gain 40EXP.
  • Collapsed Man (2)
Requirements: Deep Purple or Cardigans
To the west of the lake, there's a man passed out in the shadow of the building. Use your Stand to help him to receive a Foo Fightalin.
  • Broken-Down Car
Requirements: Carpenters or Crazy Diamond
In the alleyway on the east side of town, there's a deliveryman with a broken truck. Use your Stand to fix it to receive an Echoesterol.
  • Secret Savings
Requirements: Miracles
If you talk to the man standing on the south side of the lake and use Miracles, you can view a short scene where he reveals the location of his secret stash of money. Check the location he reveals a couple times to get some money. (As long as you know where it is, you can get this money as any Stand user.)


  • The Extortionist Stand User
If you run into the man wearing a white shroud by the 7-Eleven, he'll stop you and demand that you give him money. Answering 'yes' will empty out your wallet, unless you have more than 3000G, in which case he'll get flustered and just take 1000G. If you say no, you'll start a battle. If you lose, rather than getting a game over, he'll take your money. If you talk to him after you win, he'll occasionally give you 10G, or even more rarely, an Experience Tablet. If you knock on the entrance to Emporio's room, you can do it again, and potentially get infinite Experience Tablets. However, if your Bad Karma is 7 or less, there's a small chance that your Bad Karma will be raised by 1.
If you got 10G or Experience Tablets from Freu a certain amount of times, NPCs talking about Freu will appear in towns. If you got 10G or Experience Tablets from Freu 100 or more times, there's a chance that you will have a nightmare about Freu when you stay at a hotel.
  • Test Your Strength
Requirements: Freu has been defeated
After fighting Freu, talk to the man with sunglasses to the left of him, and he'll move out of the way, allowing you to talk to the ninja behind him. Talk to him, and he'll ask if you want to challenge him in battle. You won't get a Game Over if you lose. If you win, he'll teach you various basic rules of Stand battles.
  • Beggar
By the lake, there's a beggar who will ask you for 1G. Keep giving him money, and on the 11th G, he'll be moved to tears and give you a Crazy DX. When you give him money, there's a small chance that your Bad Karma will be lowered by 1. Talking to the beggar after giving him the 11th G can also lower your Bad Karma, albeit at a much smaller chance.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Murderdoll Lv.1 13 7 8 F.F. Sports Drink Same as the ones in Japan.
Green Hornet 32 15 15 G.E. Coffee Range: M. The ones by the 7-Eleven appear in groups of 3, all others appear in groups of 2. Can inflict poison with its sting attack.
Burns 50 30 50 Echoes High Range: M. Appears in groups of 1. Weak to Water and Ice, if you have either said elemental type attacks then they are quite easy to use for pre-Polnareff grinding. Has a very strong fire attack, so watch out.
Martial Artist 35 20 20 G.E. Coffee Range: S. Appears in groups of 1. Pretty weak, honestly. Weak to all elements except Light.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Freu 65 50 150 Anchovy Pizza Range: S. Weak to Ice, Earth, Wind, and Light. Focus your attacks on him, as Rinocerose has high defense and is considerably more difficult to damage.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Rinocerose 80 65 200 Darbitol Freu's Stand. Weak to Ice.
OPTIONAL BOSS 2: Utah 120 110 300 Mediterranean Pasta Range: M. Weak to Electric, Ice, and Light attacks. Attacks separately from Saints, but like Freu, defeating one will defeat the other. Can use a sandstorm attack to inflict Darkness on the party.
OPTIONAL BOSS 2: Saints 180 50 90 Pudding Surprise Range: M. Uses Wind elemental attacks that have a chance of inflicting BlowBack. Can also summon Burns.
BOSS: Polnareff (1st Fight) (Stand: Silver Chariot) 300 70 250 S: Experience Tablet

M: Echoesterol

Starts out at range M. Jotaro's hit rate is good enough to land attacks even with CantFind status, so attack with Star Finger or Star Punch depending on range. Joseph and Kakyoin should use hit-all attacks. Weak to Ice and Earth attacks.
BOSS: Polnareff (2nd Fight) 300 210 530 Echoesterol Both him and his Stand start at range M, but stay there, unlike the first battle. His speed stat is 190, double that of the first fight. Can recover, regenerate his Chariots, and on Hard Mode, use medicine. If Abdul is fighting him, the battle can be ended with Brainstorm, though no EXP will be received. Otherwise, use hit-all attacks, and inflict a status effect on Polnareff so that he'll spend turns recovering instead of using his powerful sword slashes.
BOSS: Silver Chariot x7 50 - - Ointment Range: S. Polnareff will revive them if defeated, but he'll waste a turn doing so, and they'll come back with a low amount of HP, making it easy to defeat them again. Low firepower, but can inflict Bleeding, Fear, and LookBack, making them dangerous. Weaknesses are the same as the user's. Has a Speed stat of 180, so it will most likely not be possible to act first without debuffing them.