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Dio's Manor | To Be Continued...?


  • Route Split (again)

After encountering Dio and escaping the tower, you can choose to flee with Kakyoin and Joseph, or pursue him with Polnareff. Jotaro's route allows you to pick either, but Polnareff's forces you to pursue, and any other route besides the normal one will force you to flee

• Dio's Interest in Josuke

It's to be noted when on Josuke's story, you will not have a choice of a route split, as a event comes about to which you cannot choose and you are forced to fight Dio with a party of Josuke, Jotaro, and Joseph, After a event of Josuke revealing to the group he knows Dio's powers. ( As of writing this, December 15th, 2020. I have found no info and I just am experiencing this. Bare with me )

This fight will end when Dio uses Time Stop. A new event in which Polnareff attacks, throwing a bottle of gasoline onto Dio as well as throwing his sword. Another fight begins, this time adding Polnereff ( No sword ). Jotaro is able to move in Time Stop unlike the rest of the party.

This battle is extremely difficult, despite you having four party members, and having the party members at Max levels. Upon winning, You are rewarded with 10000 EXP, 19998 G, and a Badge of Honor.


  • Dio's World

The battle with Dio can unfold in a number of ways depending on the route you're on, your other party members' FP, and the result of the battles throughout.

1st Fight: If you chose to flee, you have a choice of joining the battle - otherwise, it's just Jotaro vs. Dio. If you're on Kakyoin's route, he will join as well. Losing this battle or fleeing will simply continue the story, unless you're with Kakyoin, in which case it will result on a game over.

2nd Fight: This is the hardest version of Dio, and is only fought if you choose to "fight him head on" after Dio's second wind. If you choose to run, it will skip it. This battle cannot be escaped, and losing will result in a Game Over.

3rd Fight: If you chose to pursue Dio with Polnareff, you'll both get to fight him while Jotaro is playing dead. Like the above battle, this is the hardest version of Dio, and escape is impossible, but losing won't result in a Game Over and will simply continue the event.

4th Fight: Only occurs on Joseph, Abdul, and Iggy's route, where it's the final battle. This is a fight between Jotaro, the protagonist, and, if you're on their respective routes, either Abdul or Iggy. This battle can't be run from or lost, but is significantly easier than the others.

Final Round: Jotaro and Dio go mano-a-mano. This Dio has higher stats and attack power, but doesn't use his time stop, and The World isn't present as a separate enemy. Losing results in a Game Over, but you can run from the battle, which will proceed to the original ending of the manga.

  • Senator Wilson's Will

Requirements: Total sum of party's FP is 40 or higher, chose to flee with Joseph and Kakyoin

If you've fulfilled the above requirements, during the car chase scene, Senator Wilson can choose to defy Dio's orders. If he successfully conquers him in battle, you'll get a hidden ending.

  • A Bond of 100 Years

Requirements: On Joseph's Route, Stroheim~Dire have been recruited

If the above requirements are met, when Joseph lies defeated at the hands of Dio, he'll hear a very familiar voice...

  • A homing shot?

Requirements: Not on the normal route, tried to persuade Hol Horse during the Boingo event

If the above conditions are fulfilled, during the first fight with Dio, there's a rare chance each turn of this event occuring. A bullet will fly out of nowhere and damage Dio. Seeing this event is key to triggering one of the secret endings.

  • The Final Conflict

If you're on the normal route, the game ends here. However, if your party's FP is 30 or above, you'll have one more battle to fight. You'll be prompted to use the radio, which will allow you to save. If you do, however, you won't be able to change your equipment or tactics, so be careful.

The final battle is a tough one, and can't be ended by escaping or with Brainstorm. If your protagonist is under level 40, Berlin and Alicia will join in the fight and help after a large numbers of turns have passed. Berlin is a strong physical attacker while Alicia has heal moves and a move that has a small chance to 1HKO. If you lose, rather than getting a game over, you'll be warped to the Sanctuary, this time as a ghost: you can't exit, but you can talk to allies who have died along the way, and some of Dio's followers who you could talk to before, but will have new things to say in response to their master's death. Exiting through the 'door to the afterlife' will take you to the title screen.

If you win, congrats on beating 7th Stand User!

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Dio 4000 5000 9999 Badge of Honor Range: M. The big man himself. His Knife Throw can inflict Bleeding, and his Muda-Muda Rush can inflict BlowBack. Keep an eye on your HP, as if it gets too low, he can stop time and finish you off just as you're about to recover. He recovers some HP each turn, and can also stop time to heal. On Hard Mode, he gains the Playtime Is Over attack, which restores 400HP and maxes out all of his stats.

The difficulty of this battle varies heavily depending on the route, your other party member's, and when in the story you fight him. Since some routes force you to win the battle to see the ending, make sure you level whoever's going with you so as not to meet with a grim end.

If A Bond of 100 Years has occurred and Joseph's FP is 30 or above, he will be able to do a combination attack with Caesar. Additionally, if Chaos Mode is enabled and Destiny of Zeppeli has occurred, you and Dire will join the combination attack.

BOSS: The World 4000 5000 9999 Badge of Honor Range: S.
Knife 100 10 10 Diamond C Dio will throw 4 right after he uses his timestop, but only during the 2nd fight and up. Very low stats, but they can only be destroyed if Jotaro is in the party, and can inflict nasty damage to underleveled parties.
BOSS: Vins (Stand: Hanoi Rocks) 3000 2000 4500 Crazy DX

Steel Balls

The true final boss. Though her stats are slightly lower than Dio's, keep in mind you're fighting her with the protagonist alone, making her a foe to be reckoned with. When not attacking with the Iai Slash, she'll recover her HP with Dark attacks and suck your blood to damage you while healing herself. If you have a a very weak protagonist and feel you absolutely cannot win, buy Toxicants from the merchant in Cairo, as she's vulnerable to quite a few status ailments. She's also weak to Light. Set your tactics to something like Keep Your Distance that halves the enemy's attacks and the battle will be much easier.