There are no opportunities to use the radio in this area, so Steel does not have a progress report.

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Party Members[edit | edit source]


Obtainable Items[edit | edit source]


Shops[edit | edit source]


Events[edit | edit source]

  • Squeamish
If your protagonist has the Squeamish trait, you'll get an extra scene where you pass out after Gray Fly explodes, causing Abdul to panic as everyone prepares for an emergency landing.

Enemy Data[edit | edit source]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes

BOSS: Tower of Gray

(User: Gray Fly)

35 45 150

S: Experience Tablet

M: Echoesterol

L: Crazy DX

?: Foo Fightalin

Starts out at range S. If not defeated in 8 turns, the battle will end automatically with no EXP, money, or items received. Difficult to hit and won't be damaged much if you're not at the correct distance, but if you can time your attacks right, he'll go down in 2~3 turns as his HP isn't much higher than a normal enemy's. Susceptible to status ailments, so Kakyoin's Invade(Confuse) is effective here. On Hard Mode, he'll use his Tower Needle to rip out your tongue and 1HKO you, so beware.
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