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"That fight left quite a bitter taste in my mouth... Though Enya's an enemy, I can't help but pity her. There don't appear to be any Tarot assassins in town, but I do sense a Stand user's presence in that peculiar mansion. And it reeks of blood... Whoever's in there, he's a cold-blooded killer. Once you're finished with your preparations, go to the meeting point at the harbor down south." -Steel's progress report

Party Members[]

Name Where To Find
Jotaro By the vending machine in the center of the map
Kakyoin By the mango shop
Joseph Inside the hotel
Abdul Out of commission
Polnareff Eating at the rightmost restaurant

Obtainable Items[]

Name Where To Find
Temperance C x2 Don Cherry's Mansion
Bunny Suit
Surgical Tools Joey's Warehouse 1F
Overdrive SP
Sunlight Remedy
G.E.R. Deluxe Joey's Warehouse 2F
Ripple Champagne
Massaging Machine Joey's Warehouse 3F
Bawdy Magazine x2
Bunny Suit

There are two chests containing Surgical Tools on 1F. Opening one opens the other.

Surgical Tools, Overdrive SP on 1F and Ripple Champagne on 2F are linked with Massaging Machine, Bawdy Magazine (rightmost), and Bunny Suit on 3F.


Rest Stop/Karachi Restaurant[]

Item Price Effect
Chai 100G Restores 40HP/30SP
Fish Jhol 120G Restores 75HP/80SP
Shukto 200G Restores 150HP/100SP
Mutton Curry 250G Restores 200HP/100SP

Hotel Restaurant[]

Item Price Effect
Chai 100G Restores 40HP/30SP
Doner Kebab 150G Restores 90HP/90SP
Samosa 200G Restores 150HP/100SP
Seafood Curry 300G Restores 200HP/150SP


Item Price Effect
Haleem 500 Restores 200HP/200SP
Biryani 400 Restores 300HP/100SP

Vending Machines[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP
Diamond C 300G Restores a lot of HP
Overdrive SY 300G Restores a lot of SP
Requiem G.E. 300G Heals various status ailments
Ripple-Infused Cola 300G Heals entire party

General Store[]

Item Price Description
Handkerchief 200G Wards off Poison and Darkness status when equipped
Knife 200G Attack +5/wards off Bind status when equipped
Lighter 100G Use in battle for a fire attack
Incense 150G Restores a small amount of party's SP
Pashmina Stole 5000G A traditional stole for women hand-knitted from wool

Mercenary Shop[]

Found in an invisible alleyway between buildings, a little northeast of the bubble-blowing kid on the docks.

Item Price Description
Knife 200G Fills you with fighting spirit. +Bind resistance.
Handgun 200G A handheld revolver. Can be used up to 5 times.
Submachine Gun 1200G A machinegun. Can be used up to 5 times.
Hand Grenade 350G A simple, easy-to-use hand grenade.
Sniper Rifle 1800G A sniper rifle. Can be used up to 5 times.
Indestructible Coat 10000G Cannot be pierced by blade nor bullet.
Bearing Ammo 100G Close-range Power Stands can fling this.
Rifle Ammo 500G Close-range Power Stands can fling this.
Gun Technique Lv1 1000G Teaches techniques to those proficient in guns.
Gun Technique Lv2 1500G Teaches techniques to those proficient in guns.
Gun Technique Lv3 3000G Teaches techniques to those proficient in guns.
Gun Technique Lv4 5000G Teaches techniques to those proficient in guns.

Carpet Seller[]

Name Price Description
Pakistani Carpet 50,000 Souvenir. A hand-woven Oriental carpet.

Mango Cart[]

Name Price Description



Restores 100HP/100SP


Story events[]

  • Rest Stop

"What a catastrophe... We're without a car. But more catastrophic... Is the 6 Stand users that I can sense within this rest stop!! ...Just messing with you. Sorry, I couldn't help it. I can only sense you 5 and Enya right now." -Steel's progress report at the rest stop

After Enya is defeated, you'll stop at a tiny rest area on the way to Karachi with HP and SP fully restored. This rest stop has a vending machine and recovery items if you want to stock up before taking on Lovers, and the map has a random encounter with Assassin x3 if you wish to grind levels.
  • VS Lovers
There will be extra dialogue during the initial confrontation with Steely Dan if your Stand is Cardigans, Specials or Adam Ant.
Leave the rest stop using the horse to continue the story. There are two ways to go about the Lovers fight:
  1. Go with Jotaro. You won't be able to join the battle with Kakyoin and Polnareff and gain EXP, but you'll get bonus FP with Jotaro. In addition, if your protagonist is female, you'll get an extra scene after Jotaro is thrown out of the jewelry store, which itself will differ if Jotaro's FP is over 9 and if the protagonist is wearing a Bunny Suit.
  2. Go with Kakyoin and Polnareff. As long as your Stand isn't Pixies, Napalm Death, Quicksilver, Caravan, or Mr. Big, you'll be able to enter the brain and join the fight against Lovers. If you fool around too long in this fight (like if you get whole-party berserked for a long time), it'll end automatically with no XP/FP gain after a short scene. If you are playing as Josuke, after a short scene you will gain an extra move for the duration of the battle that can reveal the real Lovers for one turn.

Afterwards, you can continue the story by entering the boat shop at the south of the map.

Party events[]

  • To The Rescue
Requirements: Jotaro is in the party
In the southwest corner of the map, a man is harassing a young lady. Talk to him, and Jotaro will punch him out. Afterwards, Jotaro will gain +1FP.
  • Souvenir From Karachi
Requirements: Kakyoin is in the party
If you talk to the shopkeep at the general store in the northeast corner of the map, he'll begin to wonder what kind of souvenir to bring to his family, but first, he decides to pick something out for you. He'll give you a Sparkling Mirror, an unlimited-use item that blinds enemies, and he'll gain +1FP.
  • Bubble Memories
Requirements: Joseph is in the party
Talk to the child blowing bubbles by the docks, and Joseph will begin to wax nostalgic about an old friend of his. The dialogue will differ if you have saved Stroheim and Speedwagon. After the event, Joseph's FP will go up by 1.
  • Tummy Troubles
Requirements: Polnareff is in the party
Walk up to the door of the building directly to the right of the hotel, and Polnareff will start to complain about his stomach. You'll convince him to ask to use the toilet at a nearby house, and afterwards, you'll gain a whopping +3 FP with Polnareff.

Character/Gender specific[]

  • Filling the Reservoir
Requirements: Deep Purple or Pixies
At the reservoir, if your level's above 30, your SP is above 300, and your current day is under 30, you can help them find water to end the drought. After the event, you'll gain 1000EXP, +1FP with your party member, and -3 bad karma. In addition, if you triggered the event with Pixies, you'll also gain 10,000G.


Cherry Map1.png
Cherry Map2.png
  • Mysterious Mansion
There's a mansion to the northeast of town - enter, and as you progress, you'll be slashed for 20~30 damage by something invisible. These "danger spots" are set, and once you're slashed once, they'll remain gone until you leave that floor. Once you reach the 2nd floor, talk to the man in the bedroom to start a battle. Winning the battle nets you FP with whoever is in your party.
The dialogue after the fight can differ depending on what the player's Stand is and whether or not they have the 'Squeamish' trait.
Note: Mansion entrance is just right of the Tummy Troubles building and just left of the carpet-selling Merchant
The maps on the right highlight all the danger spots in red.
  • Dragon Quest...?
In the bookstore in the southwest part of town, talk to the clerk, and he'll offer you a Video Game from Japan. If Kakyoin is in the party, he'll stop you from buying the knockoff, raising his FP by 1. If you go alone or with another party member, as long as Kakyoin hasn't already warned you, you can buy the game - talk to Kakyoin afterwards and you can offer to give it to him, or brag about it. If you give it to him, the game won't be removed from the inventory, and his FP will go up by 2. Brag, and his FP will go up by 1, as will your bad karma. You will need 5900G or the clerk won't offer the game
If carried over to a New Game +, the Video Game unlocks the Dragon Question III minigame. See Japan for details.
  • Dollhouse
Requirements: Defeat Joey in Varanasi
In the easternmost part of Karachi, there is an alleyway with a zombie walking around in the shadows near some barrels. Walking to the end of this alleyway and turning left will grant access to Joey's warehouse, which contains three floors. There are several treasures scattered throughout the area, and the only enemies found there are Joey Dolls. Events that play in the top floor depend on your gender and your current party member. After the event, if you are female, you will gain 1 to 2 FP if you were with Jotaro or Joseph, 1 to 3 FP if you were with Kakyoin, and 1 to 3 FP if you were with Polnareff (if you are Chubby, you will only gain 1 FP with Polnareff). This event will have extra dialogue if your Stand is Specials.
If you don't interact with these following treasure chests: Handkerchief chest, both Temperance C chests, leftmost Bawdy Magazine chest, Panties chest, Ripple Champagne chest, Bunny Suit chest (in Joey's warehouse), G.E.R. Deluxe chest, and you do not have the Dissonance trait in Chaos Mode, you'll be able to press a switch on the black suitcase on the top floor, which will open up a hidden door to the basement.
Any enemies defeated while inside the building won't respawn unless the entire building is left and re-entered, rather than reappearing between floors.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Flesh Bud 300 200 - Phantom Blood Range: M. Appears if you enter Joseph's brain with Kakyoin and Polnareff. The drop is extremely rare - a 5% chance. Not strong, but it's best to avoid them due to the time limit.
BOSS: Lovers 550 660 1450 Sunlight Remedy 3 at range M and 7 at range L - 10 in total. Defeating the fakes will cause them to regenerate. Despite their numbers, their power is high, so defense techniques will be necessary to weather the wave of attacks if your level is low. Weak to Fire and especially Light. The real Lovers is the one at the very top, normally second-to-last or last in the battle order (L distance).
BOSS: Lovers Clones 200 - - Meat Spray
Burns 50 30 50 Echoes High Range: M. Appears in a group with Burns x1, Bombs x2, and Spirits x2, with same stats as in Calcutta.
Bombs 65 55 50 Gunpowder See above.
Spirits 30 100 65 Herb-Infused Drink See above.
Murderdoll Lv. 4 90 75 50 Diamond C Same as the ones in Varanasi.
Assassin 75 83 56 Handgun See above.
Fireflies 130 200 100 Diamond C Same as the ones in Varanasi. You probably get the idea by now.
Murderdoll Lv. 5 120 150 150 First-Aid Kit Same as the ones in Varanasi, but won't appear if you defeated Joey there.
Zombie 110 130 30 Rations Good ol' zombie, same as ever.
Mushroom Zombie 200 150 50 Temperance C High HP, so bring someone with Ripple attacks if you're planning on running into these guys.
Half-Zombie 130 150 30 Ripple-Infused Wine It's a zombie that's half-gone, not a half-zombie/half-human. That'd be pretty dumb.
Joey Doll 400 500 400 Bazooka Launcher Behaves the same as during the fight against Joey in Varanasi, but they have less HP and appear in groups of three instead of five. They're fairly easy to defeat with mid-to-long-range target-all attacks, so they can be useful for level grinding if necessary.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Don Cherry 350 500 300 Sunlight Remedy Range: M. Uses guns and recovery techniques. Not by any means a pushover, but Dirty Work is the one to watch out for.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Dirty Work 500 500 300 Indestructible Coat Range: M. Don Cherry's Stand. Generates Slash Energy which can inflict Bleeding status.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Slash Energy 20 50 - - Range: S. 3 appear at the start of the battle. Can still be attacked despite being invisible.