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Party MembersEdit

Name Where to find
Jotaro Inside the hotel
Kakyoin Out of commision; inside the hotel if on Josuke's route
Joseph Inside the hotel
Abdul Inside the hotel
Polnareff Out of commission (picking up girls at the ruins)
Iggy Inside the hotel (Requires one Coffee Gum unless FP is >10)

Obtainable ItemsEdit




Item Price Effect
Shai 100 Restores 40HP/30SP
Shishkebab 150 Restores 90HP/90SP
Kushari 200 Restores 140HP/100SP
Hamam Mahshi 300 Restores 200HP/150SP

Hotel CounterEdit

Item Price Description
Rations 200 Restores HP&SP
Bottled Water 5 Restores a teeny amount of HP & SP, can be used up to 5 times
Doner Kebab 300 Restores a large amount of HP
Kushari 700 Restores a considerable amount of HP
Chai 300 Restores a large amount of SP

Souvenir ShopEdit

Item Price Description
Papyrus 500 Souvenir. Ancient Egyptian paper.
Spice Bottle 300 Cures entire party of Berserk, Confuse, and Sleep.
Egyptian Handkerchief 400 Equipment. Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton. Increases heat and cold resistance a bit.
Gold Barette 150 A gold hair barette for girls. Increases resistance to status effects a bit.
Pyramid Model 800 Souvenir. A scale model of a pyramid.
Postcard 50 Binds an enemy
Incense 150 Restores a small amount of SP to whole party
Chai 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Bag of Sand 70 Blinds enemies.
Sphinx Paperweight 500 Souvenir. A paperweight shaped like an Egyptian sphinx.
Pharoah Bust 1200 Souvenir. A miniature statue of a pharoah.
Egyptian Lamp 1500 Souvenir. A lamp reminiscent of Arabian Nights.

Hotel MerchantEdit

Name Price Description
Postcard 50 Binds an enemy
Incense 150 Restores a small amount of SP to whole party
Coffee Gum 100 Cures Sleep

Freaky DoctorEdit

Name Price Description
Ripple Wine 2 1200 Heals entire party.
Diamond C2 800 Restores a large amount of HP + cures Bleeding.
Overdrive SY2 800 Restores a large amount of SP.
Requiem G.E.2 800 Cures various status effects.


Name Price Effect
Whiskey 100 Restores 20HP/50SP, sometimes inflicts Drunk status.
Egyptian Beer 100 Same as Whiskey.

Mercenary shop (east most building. to enter examine the fourth space of the building's north side)

Name Price Effect
knife 200 increases power + bind resistance.
handgun 500 a handheld revolver. can be used 5 times.
submachine gun 1200 a machine gun. can be used 5 times.
hand grenade 350 a simple, easy-to-use hand grenade.
sniper rifle 1800 a sniper rifle. can be used 5 times.
indestructible coat 10000 cannot be pierced by blade nor bullet.
bearing ammo 100 close-ranged power stands can fling this.
rifle ammo 500 close-ranged power stands can fling this.
gun technique lv1 1000 teaches leg shot to those proficient in guns.
gun technique lv 2 1500 teaches arm shot to those proficient in guns.
gun technique lv3 3000 teaches sharpshooting to those proficient in guns.
gun technique lv4 5000 teaches headshot to those proficient in guns.


Party EventsEdit

  • Tariq's Rumor
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
If Abdul is with you, a man in merchant garb will appear on the southeast side of town. Talk to him for a short event and FP with Abdul. If your bad karma is 5 or above, you can choose whether or not to exchange pleasantries with Abdul's friend - if you don't, you'll gain no FP with Abdul.
  • A Pet?
Requirements: Iggy is in the party
Talk to the man by a camel in the east part of town to trigger this event. He'll ask whether or not Iggy is your pet. Answer no - you're friends - to raise Iggy's FP. Answer yes and nothing will happen, but Iggy will bite you. Additionally, if your bad karma is 5 or above, you can answer that he's livestock, which will lower his FP by 2.
  • Star Wars...?
Requirements: Joseph is in the party
Examine the bookshelf in the record shop in the south part of town with Joseph for a short event where he talks about his taste in movies. Afterwards, his FP will go up.
  • Making a Call
Requirements: Jotaro is in the party
If you talk to the concierge at the hotel with Jotaro in the party, he'll ask to use their phone. Afterwards, his FP will go up

Story EventsEdit

  • Anubis
After you leave Kom Ombo, you'll start the Anubis event, which has 5 consecutive battles:
  1. Polnareff vs. Chaka
  2. Polnareff vs. Khan
  3. Jotaro & Protag vs. Khan
  4. Jotaro & Protag vs. Polnareff
  5. Jotaro & Protag vs. Polnareff (Twin Blades)
All of these battles can be ended with the Brainstorm command. However, if you plan to defeat them without it, make sure you've stocked up before leaving town.
Before fighting Twin Blades Polnareff, you'll get some extra dialogue and +1FP with Jotaro if your FP with Polnareff is 13 or above. If it's below 13 and your bad karma is 6 or above, you can choose to fight Polnareff with intent to kill, which will raise Jotaro's FP by 1 and lower Polnareff's FP by 2.
If you defeat Twin Blades Polnareff without using Brainstorm, Polnareff will gain +1FP and learn Zantetsuken, a powerful skill that ignores defense. Jotaro's FP will also go up by 3.


  • Shocking Blue
There's a crowded bar in the southeast part of town. Talk to the people inside, and eventually, objects will start to fly at you - touching them will start a battle with Shocking Blue. Defeat it, and you'll be locked inside the bar, and the enemy will keep attacking. Try to leave after defeating it at least 5 times to start an event and a battle with Mariska. Defeat her in a one-on-one fight for +3FP with whoever is in your party, or two-on-one for +1FP. You'll also get different dialogue depending on who's with you - for example, if you fight her with Abdul, she'll remark that he's just her type.

Enemy DataEdit

Name HP EXP Gained Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Freeze 150 300 100 Diamond C Same as the ones in Aswan.
She-Zombie 200 M: 200

S: 300

100 Ripple-Infused Wine Same as the ones in Aswan
Mounted Soldier 200 250 200 Medical Tools Same as the ones you've encountered before, but now, they only appear in groups of 1.
Sniper 200 300 200 Sniper Rifle Range: L. Random encounter on the map. Appears in a group of 2. Short-range attacks have no effect. The Snipe attack can sometimes inflict 1HKO. They will sometimes flee the battle before you can defeat them.
Shocking Blue 400 200 300 Bottled Water Attacks with Bind, Tsunami, and Hydro Pump. Will always get a pre-emptive strike.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Mariska 500 2000 2500 Bunny Suit Range: M. Attacks by throwing bottles and knives, and also swinging lamps when you fight her one on one. Defeating the Stand will not defeat Mariska.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Shocking Blue 700 2000 2000 Secret Book Vol. 7 Range: S. Can buff both it and Mariska's stats. Will try to use Bind if fighting it one on one. Inflict Berserk or Confuse on it before it gets the chance.
BOSS: Chaka 2000 1000 1000 Sunlight Remedy Is hidden at the start of the battle. When he hides, he'll recover, so unleash all your attacks on his as soon as he reappears.
BOSS: Khan the Barber 3000 2000 1000 S: Experience Tablet

M: Foo Fightalin

Starts out at range S, but will get further away and recover when his HP gets low. Uses "I've memorized it!" to buff himself. Has a much higher attack and hit rate than Chaka.
BOSS: Polnareff 3000 3000 1000 Crazy DX Range: S. End the battle with Plan if you want to save your strength for Twin Blades Polnareff and don't mind missing out on the EXP. Poison, BlowBack, Surge, and Bleeding work well against him - you can use Jotaro's Berserk Ora to inflict BlowBack and Rifle Ammo to inflict Bleeding. If you have trouble with this fight, don't even think about trying to beat the boss after it without Brainstorm.
BOSS: Polnareff (Twin Blades) 3000 10,000 1000 Badge of Honor Range: S. Way tougher than Khan and Chaka combined. Just like the last battle, Poison, BlowBack, Surge, Bleeding, and also Dizzy work well. It's recommended that you buff here - the fake medicine from Calcutta works well for this, and the Pyramid Model is a fine replacement if you don't havy any. You can debuff him, but unless you have Sonic Youth's Recital, you probably shouldn't bother. Keep Your Distance tactics will make the fight a bit easier.