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Party Members Edit

If you helped Stroheim at the Harbor and Speedwagon in Calcutta, you'll have them as party members from here to the meeting point at the Deserted Island. Otherwise, you'll have two original characters, Gallahad and Miriam.

Obtainable Items Edit


Shops Edit

Tool ShopEdit

Item Price Effect
Rations 200 Restores HP/SP
Bottled Water 5 Restores a tiny amount of HP/SP, 5 uses
Ointment 100 Restores 50HP + Cures Bleeding
Ripple-Infused Wine 700 Restores HP to entire party
Requiem G.E. 300 Cures various status ailments
Overdrive SY 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Diamond C 300 Restores a large amount of HP

Weapon ShopEdit

Item Price Effect
Knife 200 Fills you with fighting spirit. Atk +5/wards off Bind when equipped
Handgun 500 A handheld revolver. Can be used up to 5 times.
Hand Grenade 350 A simple, easy-to-use hand grenade.
Dynamite 600 Used by construction workers to blow up bedrock.
Submachine Gun 1200 A machinegun. Can be used up to 5 times.
Bazooka Launcher 1000 A handheld bazooka launcher. Only one use.


Item Price Effect
Chai 100G Restores 40HP/30SP
Fish Jhol 120G Restores 75HP/80SP
Shukto 200G Restores 150HP/100SP
Mutton Curry 250G Restores 200HP/100SP

Events Edit

  • Free Items
Choosing this route starts you off with a variety of items and weapons: Dynamite x5, Submachinegun x5, Handgun x5, Hand Grenade x15, Rations x30, and Bottled Water x30, Ointment x10, First-Aid Kit x10, Medical Toolkit x5, Surgical Tools x5, and 20,000g. If you prefer, you can sell the weapons and use the money gained to buy Bazooka Launchers instead.
  • Mysterious Pit
Requirements: On 2nd playthrough or higher
If you're on a New Game +, if you check above the field in the top-right corner of the map, there will be a large hole. Inspect it to enter an underground passage filled with zombies, with exits to the terrorist hideout and Sundarbans.

Enemy Data Edit