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There are no opportunities to use the radio in this area, so Steel doesn't give a progress report.

Party Members[]



Item Price Description
Diamond C 300G Restores a lot of HP
Overdrive SY 300G Restores a lot of SP
Requiem G.E. 300G Heals various status ailments
Ripple-Infused Cola 300G Heals entire party
Ointment 100G Restores 50HP and cures Bleeding
First-Aid Kit 500G Restores 250HP and cures Bleeding


Story Events[]

  • The Sun
After leaving Karachi, the event with The Sun will occur. When Kakyoin decides to inspect the sun to determine whether or not it's a Stand, a battle will start. Normally, this battle will be with Kakyoin only, but if the protagonist has a long-range Stand (Miracles, Quicksilver, Wildhearts, Adam Ant, Ocean Blue, or Mr. Big) you can choose to join in. Defeat it to get EXP and items and skip to the end of the event, or run away to watch the scene unfold as normal. If your stand is Deep Purple, there will be extra dialogue in the cutscene after the battle.
  • Death 13
If your Stand is Specials, Pharoah Sanders, or Caravan there will be extra dialogue during the cutscene where Joseph tries to buy a plane. If your FP with Kakyoin is 7 or more, when Kakyoin attempts to convince the group that the baby is a Stand user, you will be given the option to believe him. Doing so will raise his FP by 3, and allow Kakyoin to fight Death 13 1v1. If your FP with Kakyoin is 10 or more before the aforementioned FP bonus, he'll give you the Charm of Karachi, an equippable item, and you'll be able to fight a battle with Kakyoin vs. Death 13 and Fake Star Platinum. Choosing not to believe him will give you the option to skip the event, as this route does not lead to a battle.
  • The Tyde
Requirements: Stand is Cardigans or Carpenters, or Josuke is protagonist
If you meet one of the above requirements, before departing on the propeller plane, you'll be given the option to either heal the baby or fix the spare plane, depending on your Stand. Doing so will allow you to skip the Death 13 battle altogether, but safe travels to the Red Sea aren't in the cards for the party, and you'll be attacked by another Stand user in midair. A battle will start that will result in a Game Over if not ended within 10 turns.
This event differs greatly if you're playing as Josuke.

Character/Gender specific[]

  • Respecting Religion
Requirements: Protagonist is female
After leaving Karachi, the protagonist will be required to wear a chador in accordance to Muslim tradition. Additionally, the protagonist gains unique sprites while wearing this outfit, but not much else. This outfit only lasts until the Death 13 Arc before disappearing, so you cannot read its description in game, but it is listed in the game's files as "A full-body mantle. For girls only." If you wear the Bunny outfit, Joseph will comment on how it is especially inappropriate in general.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: The Sun (User: Arabian Fats) 700 1000 1000 Sunlight Remedy Range: L. Each turn, it'll randomly inflict Mummy, Darkness, or Dizzy on the party, and its Sun Laser also has a high chance to inflict BlowBack.
BOSS: Death 13 (User: Mannish Boy) 1300 1500 1400 Darbitol Range: S. Can only be fought if the protagonist chose to believe Kakyoin's story. Appears with Fake Star Platinum.
BOSS: Fake Star Platinum 300 - - Starplatodine Range: M, but uses close-range attacks. Make sure to defeat it for its Starplatodine.
BOSS: The Tyde 1000 2000 2000 Sunlight Remedy The Tyde's range is L-M, the plane's range is L. If 10 turns pass, it's an instant game over. Might seem like an easy fight at first glance, but it has stun moves that paralyze the entire party, can use medicine to heal itself, and will almost always stay at range L. Additionally, if your character is afraid of heights they will start with Fear. Since The Tyde (M) and the Tyde (L) have separate drops, it's possible to get 2 Sunlight Remedies from the battle.
BOSS: Plane 900 500 400 Dynamite