7th Stand User Wiki

"So you've finally made it to Singapore. I can sense the presence of Stand users here as well... Be very careful. I feel two Stand users with evil intent in the hotel... And 2 to 3 more in the city itself. You ought to stay away from the shadows of buildings. Lurking within those shadows are fearsome enemies who detest the light..." -Steel's progress report

"A Stand who can strengthen itself using the power of curses... What a terrifying enemy. ...By the way, it seems someone has been searching for you... For what reason, I can't say, but you should be careful. Once you've prepared, talk to the runaway girl in the hotel lobby so you can go and purchase tickets." -Steel's progress report after the Ebony Devil fight

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Party Members[]

Name Where To Find
Jotaro Hotel room 1215
Kakyoin Hotel room 1216
Joseph Hotel room 1212
Abdul Hotel room 1212
Polnareff Hotel room 912

Obtainable Items[]

Name Where To Find
Requiem G.E. Hotel room 1215
Rations Hotel room 1215
Overdrive SY Hotel room 1216
Ripple-Infused Wine Hotel room 1212, convenience store alleyway
Rations x2 Hotel room 916



Item Price Effect
Coffee 40G Restores 20HP/10SP
Chicken and Rice 80G Restores 40HP/40SP
Pepper Chicken 100G Restores 100HP/24SP
Pepper Crab 120G Restores 100HP/40SP

Hawker Centre[]

Item Price Effect
Chili Crab 300G Restores 150HP/80SP
Satay 100G Restores 80HP/50SP
Yong Tau Foo 200G Restores 50HP/80SP
Laksa 200G Restores 100HP/50SP


Item Price Description
Rice Balls 50G Restores small amount of HP
Tea 50G Restores small amount of SP
Sweets 130G Restores small amount of HP/SP
Knife 200G Attack +5/wards off Bind status when equipped
Sunglasses 300G Wards off Darkness status when equipped
Magazine 200G Reduces chance of 1HKO when equipped
Lighter 100G Use in battle for a fire attack

Vending Machines[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP
Diamond C 300G Restores a lot of HP
Overdrive SY 300G Restores a lot of SP
Requiem G.E. 300G Heals various status ailments
Ripple-Infused Cola 300G Heals entire party

Souvenir Shop[]

Item Price Description
Mango Pudding 600G Restores 80SP to entire party
Merlion Statue 500 A souvenir miniature Merlion
Kaya Jam 300G Jam made from coconut milk
Spice Bottle 300G Cures entire party of Berserk, Sleep, and Confuse

Duty-Free Store[]

Item Price Description
Trenchcoat 2000G For men who want a hard-boiled look
Rolex Wristwatch 30,000G A high-end wristwatch for men
Mink Coat 2000G A coat for the high-society woman
Gucci Bag 20,000G A high-end designer handbag for women
Platinum Ring 10,000G Atk +5, defends against Berserk and Confuse

Food Stands[]

Item Price Effect
Fresh Coconut 40G Restores 20HP/30SP
Kopi 100G Restores 50HP/50SP

Traveling Merchants[]

Merchant 1: (Appears on 9th floor of hotel days 7~10, near Merlion on days 10~14)

Item Price Description
Postcard 50G Immobilizes enemies
Incense 150G Restores a small amount of entire party's SP
Chai 300G Restores a large amount of SP

Merchant 2: (2nd floor of hotel days 10~11)

Item Price Description
Book of Evil 10,000G Read to plant the seed of evil in your heart
Book of Cleansing 10,000G Read to purge wickedness from your heart

Secret Shop[]

(At the end of the hidden alleyway near Vins, press the action key.)

You can buy up to 5. If you previously purchased 5 medicine from the medicine shop in Hong Kong, this shop will be sold out. Buying medicine from this shop will not cause the medicine shop in Aswan to be sold out.


Story events[]

  • The Devil
Once you arrive at the hotel, you're allowed to choose a party member to go up to the rooms with. If you choose Polnareff and go to his room, a scene will you'll both be attacked by Ebony Devil. Afterwards, you'll gain +2FP with Polnareff (one for the battle, one for the event). If you choose another party member, head to his room to initiate the boss fight immediately and gain +1FP with whoever you chose. If you chose to go with Polnareff and you have either Carpenters, Crazy Diamond or one of the three Support-type Stands (Cardigans, Caravan, or Mr. Big), there will be extra dialogue after Polnareff's ankle is cut by Ebony Devil.
  • Yellow Temperance
Once you're ready to leave Singapore, talk to the runaway girl in the hotel lobby. Watch the events unfold, and you'll eventually get ready to ride the cable cars. The runaway girl will comment on the view, and ask if you like heights. If you say no, you'll get the "Afraid of Heights" trait, which will change certain lines of dialogue. Keep watching until Jotaro jumps on the cable car. You have a choice of whether or not to follow him. If you do, Jotaro will gain 3FP, and you'll be able to fight Yellow Temperance together. Otherwise, it will proceed according to the original story. If your Stand is Miracles, Deep Purple, Carpenters, Red Garland, Ocean Blue, Cardigans, or Sonic Youth and you chose to jump onto the cable car with Jotaro, there will be extra dialogue between Rubber Soul and the player character before the battle begins.
There are multiple ways this event can proceed depending on whether you defeat or run from Yellow Temperance, as well as whether or not the protagonist joins Jotaro. In addition, if your Stand is Red Garland, you'll also learn the Double Lariat skill by going with Jotaro and winning the battle, and if your bad karma is above 3, you can choose whether to attempt to stop Kakyoin or keep watching when he uses the Coconut Back Breaker.
If your character is not afraid of heights, the dialogue during the train ride after the battle will change depending on your Stand.

Party events[]

  • Small-Time Criminal
Requirements: Jotaro is in the party
Triggers in front of the door to the 7-Eleven when Jotaro is in the party. He'll stop to get something inside, and you'll be approached by a hoodlum who will try to pick a fight, or pick you up if you're a female. After the event you'll gain +1FP with Jotaro. If you're playing as Josuke, the event gets an interesting twist. If your Stand is Adam Ant, there will be an extra line of dialogue.
  • Kopi
Requirements: Kakyoin is in the party
Stop by the stand selling kopi by the beach in the southwest corner of town. Kakyoin will treat you, and ask you how you usually take your coffee. He'll order for you accordingly, and if you're a female, you'll get the correct drink, but if you're a male, he'll prank you and order the opposite. Afterwards, you'll gain +1FP.
  • Lost Item
Requirements: Joseph or Abdul in the party
In the southeast part of town, by the Merlion, there's a woman who has lost her bag. If either Abdul or Joseph is with you, they can help locate it. Afterwards, you'll gain +1FP with whichever one you brought with you.
  • Impulse Shopping
Requirements: Polnareff is in the party
When shopping at the 7-Eleven, Polnareff will notice that he's out of hair gel. If you buy it for him, his FP will go up by 1, and he'll give you Ripple-Infused Wine if you're a male, or Pink Dark Rouge if you're a female. You'll lose 100G after the event, but the event can be triggered even if you don't have enough money.
  • Littering
Requirements: Polnareff is in the party
If you visit the coconut stand in the south part of town with Polnareff, you'll get to view a short scene from the original manga, and his FP will go up by 1.
  • Dogs In Singapore
Requirements: Abdul is in the party
In the east part of town, there's a building selling tickets for the cable cars. Check the large dog, and you'll notice that it's wearing a muzzle. Abdul will inform you about laws regarding dogs in Singapore, and you can choose to say you feel sorry for it or that it's for the best. Either way, Abdul's FP will go up by 1.

Character/Gender specific[]

  • Beyond the Shadows
Requirements: Cardigans or Crazy Diamond
In the northwest part of town, there's a man who has collapsed. Heal him with one of the above Stands for a Crazy DX and 200EXP.


  • The Stand Puppetmaster
On the 12th floor of the hotel, there's a man in a chef's uniform surrounded by doll Stands. Talk to him to initiate a battle. The dialogue in this battle differs for female protagonists, male protagonists with the Perverted trait, and depending on whether you chose to fight him before or after defeating Ebony Devil. In any case, after the battle, the doll Stands around Singapore will vanish. You will also get +1FP with whoever was in your party.
  • The Slaves to...
Requirements: Fought Utah at the harbor
In they alleyways between the residential buildings in the center of town, you can find Utah. Talk to him to start a battle. Upon winning, you will get +1FP with whoever was in your party.
  • Mysterious Woman
In the alleyway adjacent to where you found Utah, there's a woman in white robes. Talk to her, and she'll request that you end your journey. Say yes, and you'll be booted back to the title screen - say no, and you can battle her. After the fight, you will get +1FP with whoever was in your party. The woman does not appear on Josuke's route, and so cannot be fought.
  • Behind Bars
Behind the kopi shop, there's a man in sunglasses who will warn you to stay away from the steel bars. Check them anyway to start a battle with Shocking Blue and Spirits x2. After the fight, you will get +1FP with whoever was in your party.
  • Hitting The Gym
South of the hotel, in front of the park, there's a gym where you can practice with a Sandbag. When battling the Sandbag, you'll gradually lose HP and SP each turn. Defeat it, and you'll gain 30EXP and, very rarely, a boost to your base stats, but you'll have to pay 300G for a new sandbag.
  • Nurse Rescue
Requirements: Did not defeat Kate on the Ghost Ship
If you missed out on the Kate battle in the previous locale, you can find her in the small hotel near the park from days 12~14. You can listen in on her conversation, but she'll hastily correct herself, and you won't be able to fight her.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Murderdoll Lv.3 60 70 65 Rations Range: S. Appears in groups of 3. Weak to Ice and Water. If you defeat Joey in the hotel, they will no longer appear.
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Joey (Stand: Murderdolls) 300 250 400 Handgun Range: L. Appears with 3x Murderdoll Lv.3. Weak to Electric and Light. Supports the Murderdolls by healing, reviving, and buffing. Once his HP reaches a certain point, Confuse status will be inflicted on the Murderdolls.
BOSS: Ebony Devil 1

Ebony Devil 2

Ebony Devil 3 (User: Devo the Cursed)










  • Ripple Wine
  • Pudding Surprise
  • Herb-Infused Drink
  • Knife
  • Handgun
  • Foo Fightalin
Starts out at range M, but changes to range S once it reaches its third form. Can be damaged by physical attacks. For every 100 damage taken, it will power up into its next form. Be careful of its Hair Dryer attack, which can paralyze the party. Weak to Wind.
Green Hornet 2 32 35 30 Ointment Range: M. Appears in groups of 4. If you defeated Kate on the Ghost Ship, these Stands will not appear.
Zombie 110 130 30 Rations Range: S. Can absorb HP with a strong bloodsuck attack. Only appears in shaded areas of the map.
Wicked Master 125 120 70 Ripple-Infused Cola Same as the ones at the Harbor.
Assassin 75 35 30 Ointment Range: L. Random encounter. Appears in groups of 3. Instant-death attacks are particularly useful against these guys.
Murderdoll Lv.4 90 75 50 Diamond C Range: M. Uses Electric attacks. Appears with Assassin x1. Weak against Ice and Water. Note that even though they're Murderdolls, they do NOT disappear if you defeat Joey.
OPTIONAL BOSS 2: Zombie Utah 400 300 1000 Darbitol Range: M. Joseph's Ripple techniques will make short work of him.
OPTIONAL BOSS 3: Vins 400 120 180 Foo Fightalin Range: L. Rarely attacks, instead supporting Hanoi Rocks by raising defense with Anthem and summoning Spirits.
OPTIONAL BOSS 3: Hanoi Rocks 800 100 150 Medical Toolkit Range: M, but short-range attacks work equally well against it. High power output, but low defense.
OPTIONAL BOSS 4: Shocking Blue 800 127 250 Sunlight Remedy Range: M. Can use Bind-inflicting attacks, but other than that, is relatively easy to defeat. Weak to Ice and Water.
Spirits 60 100 65 Herb-Infused Drink Range: M. Can be summoned one at a time by Vins, and two appear along with Shocking Blue. As they can inflict status ailments, try to deal with them quickly. Weak to Ice and Water, and somewhat weak to Wind.

Rubber Soul (Stand: Yellow Temperance)

1200 2000 800 Experience Tablet

  • Jot: Starplatodine
  • Ka: Foo Fightalin
  • Jos: Echoesterol
  • Pol: Crazy DX
  • Ab: Crazy DX
Range: S. Starts the battle with extremely high defense, making it difficult to damage him, but he is vulnerable to 1HKO attacks in his normal form. Status effects like Darkness, Erase Presence, and OnFire will make the battle much easier. You can use attacks that inflict OffGuard to lower his defense, or if Jotaro has learned Star Punch, use that to bypass it altogether. During the battle, he'll transform into random characters from your party, which will affect the random drop you get. Confuse and Berserk will be especially useful against his Jotaro form.

If the battle's too difficult at your experience level, it can simply be run from and events will continue as per the original manga.