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"So we're unable to fly unless the conflict in this region subsides? And yet this town seems awfully peaceful despite the goings-on outside... ...Something is definitely fishy. It's possible that this town is the epicenter of the strife between the terrorists and the army... Let's try to locate the source." -Steel's progress report

Despite the strife going on outside, this city is a safe zone, and you won't have to worry about encounters here. To get planes flying again, you have to clear the radio tower. Be aware that you'll be locked in when you enter, so make sure you're fully stocked on recovery items before proceeding.

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Obtainable Items[]

Item Where to Find
Ripple-Infused Wine x5 Radio Tower - 4th floor
Overdrive SY x5


Takeout Counter[]

Item Price Description
Rations 200 Restores HP/SP
Bottled Water 5 Restores a tiny amount of HP/SP, 5 uses
Samosa 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Doner Kebab 300 Restores a large amount of HP


Item Price Effect
Chai 100G Restores 40HP/30SP
Fish Jhol 120G Restores 75HP/80SP
Shukto 200G Restores 150HP/100SP
Mutton Curry 250G Restores 200HP/100SP

Vending Machine[]

Item Price Description
Dora Cola 50G Restores 35HP
Echoes High 50G Restores small amount of HP/SP
G.E. Coffee 50G Restores 10HP, cures Poison
F.F. Sports Drink 50G Restores 10% of max HP/SP
Ripple-Infused Tea 50G Restores 20SP
Diamond C 300G Restores a lot of HP
Overdrive SY 300G Restores a lot of SP
Requiem G.E. 300G Heals various status ailments
Ripple-Infused Cola 300G Heals entire party


  • Radio Tower
1st floor: As soon as you enter, you'll be trapped inside until you defeat the boss on the top floor. Not much else here - there are vending machines, but they're out of order.
2nd floor: Besides the trash can encounters that are hopping up and down, the ceiling will also randomly crumble, damaging the party. Still no bosses or events of note here. After defeating Raul and Inc, you can enter their green room and read Inc's journals on the bookshelves.
3rd floor: As soon as you enter, you'll be inflicted with the Tired status, which will halve your movement speed and cause you to take damage as you walk. Near the recording booth to the left is Deja Voodoo user of Heavy Stereo - talk to him to start a battle, and after you win, your movement speed will return to normal and you'll be allowed access to the 4th floor.
In addition, you can now fight an additional boss. A man in the cafeteria who will give you a Chocolate Bar if you talk to him. Bring it to the little girl on the lower-left side of the second floor to start a battle. Afterwards, you'll receive a Sunlight Remedy, and the trash cans as well as the crumbling ceiling will no longer attack. Be warned that this event can not be triggered after defeating Inc & Raul, and if you leave Sundarbans with the chocolate bar, you'll receive +1 bad karma.
4th floor: Fight your way through the zombies until you reach the Slaves to Fate members, Inc & Raul. If your Stand is Miracles, there will be extra dialogue before the battle. Once they've been defeated, the planes will start flying again, and you can depart Sundarbans using the airport. You can also check the nearby bookshelf containing Inc's journal for a bit of backstory.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Dustbin 50 10 10 Diamond C Weak, weak, weak. Unless you haven't been keeping track of your HP with the damage from the falling ceiling, these guys won't be a problem.
MINI-BOSS: Deja Voodoo 300 100 300 Sunlight Remedy Has a lot of attacks that inflict Stop. Low HP, so take him out quickly before he gets the chance to use them.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Alice 50 - - - Defeating her will result in an instant Game Over. Use Brainstorm to end the battle or go after Sevendust.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Sevendust 99,999 - - - Doesn't attack, but attacks don't work well against it, either. You can end this battle with the Brainstorm command. If you really want to defeat it, use status effects such as Bleeding, but you won't get EXP or drops. However, you will get a Badge of Honor for winning this way.
Zombie 120 130 30 Rations Same as the ones you've encountered everywhere else.
Half-Zombie 120 150 30 Ripple-Infused Wine Same overworld sprite as the regular zombies, but they move a lot faster.
BOSS: Meatloaf 1000 400 600 Crazy DX Your party will start this battle with the Darkness status effect. Status effects are going to be more of a problem than damage here. Be especially careful of the Stun Senses attack, which makes it near-impossible to land hits and halves your stats.
Inc & Raul 500 400 800 Sunlight Remedy Supports Meatloaf with machineguns. Will use medicine to heal if you attack them.