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Steel's progress report in this area is identical to the one in the SPW Foundation Camp.

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Probably the closest thing this game has to a world map. Bombs will occasionally drop at random while you're walking, damaging the party. Your destination is Sundarbans to the southwest.

Obtainable Items[]

Item Where to find
First-Aid Kit x5 Terrorist Base - 1st floor
Overdrive SY x5
Ripple Infused Wine x5 Terrorist Base - 2nd floor
Bazooka Launcher x3
Nuclear Warhead Terrorist Base - 3rd floor


  • Terrorist Base
In the far southeast corner of the map is a terrorist base. Guarding the entrance is a terrorist who claims his friends inside have gone berserk, and is trying to keep them from escaping the building. On day 25 onward, he'll have run out of strength (As in, he will die. Don't think you can heal him after you loot the place either), and you'll be able to enter. If you have Carpenters or a Support-type Stand, you can heal him for -2 bad karma, but you won't be able to go inside.
If you don't want to wait to get the items inside, you can kill him, but you'll get a large amount of bad karma and a hit to your entire party's FP. Killing him before day 19 or after healing him will result in FP -2 and bad karma +8. Killing him from day 20 to day 22 will result in FP -3 and bad karma +9. Killing him on day 23 or 24 will result in FP -5 and bad karma +10.
On the 3rd floor of the base, there's a boulder that you can break by touching it enough times. From there, you can jump down to the 1st floor, but your party will receive 50HP of damage.
  • Town Ruins
To the southwest, above Sundarbans, there's a town icon that you can enter. You can take a look around, but there are no items to be found, and not much else besides a couple terrorists and helicopters.
  • Refugee Camp
On the coast opposite Sundarbans, there's a refugee camp where you can buy recovery items and weapons. In addition, if you have Carpenters or a Support-type Stand, you can assist the doctor in caring for the refugees. One day will pass, and you'll get -2 bad karma and the Junk Bracelet item.

Medicine Shop[]

Item Price Effect
Rations 200 Restores HP/SP
Bottled Water 5 Restores a tiny amount of HP/SP, 5 uses
Ointment 100 Restores 50HP + Cures Bleeding
Requiem G.E. 300 Cures various status ailments
Overdrive SY 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Diamond C 300 Restores a large amount of HP

Weapon Shop[]

Item Price Effect
Handgun 500 A handheld revolver. Can be used up to 5 times.
Hand Grenade 350 A simple, easy-to-use hand grenade.
Dynamite 600 Used by construction workers to blow up bedrock.
Submachine Gun 1200 A machinegun. Can be used up to 5 times.
Bazooka Launcher 1000 A handheld bazooka launcher. Only one use.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Artillery Tank 1000 1000 500 Surgical Tools Range: M. Appears semi-transparent on the map. Weak to Electricity and Earth.
Tank 500 600 500 Surgical Tools Range: M. Surprisingly, it's weak to status ailments. Sometimes flees the battle. Weak to Electricity and Earth.
Armed Helicopter 200 200 150 Surgical Tools Range: L. Buffs its Speed and attacks with machineguns, and sometimes flees the battle. Appears as an icon, but also as a random encounter.
Armed Helicopter 200 300 200 Surgical Tools Range: S. Flies a little lower and a little faster than the Armed Helicopter (L)s on the map. Weak to Wind.
Sniper 200 300 200 Sniper Rifle Range: L. Appears in groups of 2. Random encounter on the map. Their Snipe attack can occasionally 1HKO a party member. Sometimes runs from battle.
Foot Soldier 100 100 85 Rations Range: L. Appears in a large group and will often call in reinforcements if you don't wipe them all out at once.
Fleeing Soldier 50 30 10 Rations Range: L. Rare encounter in the terrorist hideout and on the field. Very weak, so kill them for free Rations when you see one.
Foot Soldier 150 100 85 Submachine Gun Range: S. Appears in the terrorist hideout.
Oil Drum 300 70 100 Dynamite Range: S. Appears in the terrorist hideout.


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