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Wheel of Fortune
*crowd voice* WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!.png
Namesake Wheel of Fortune (tarot card)
User ZZ
Distance Close Range
Class Bound Stand
Power B
Speed D
Range D
Precision E
Durability A
Potential D

Wheel of Fortune is the stand of ZZ. He uses it to attack the party on the Pakistani Border.


Before the battle with Wheel of Fortune, you'll be prompted to either choose a party (rather, to choose one member who won't be in the party) or have Jotaro fight alone. Choose the former to start a battle - if Jotaro is in the party, you'll have the option to end the battle with BrainStorm. On the 6th turn, a variety of events can occur depending on your Stand (as long as the protagonist is in the party, of course):

  1. If you have Ocean Blue or Crazy Diamond, you'll get an event that defeats Wheel of Fortune instantly, while still providing EXP and items.
  2. If you have Deep Purple, there will be another short event, and the party will not be inflicted with OnFire status.
  3. If you have Caravan, some SP will be consumed, but you will not be inflicted with OnFire status.

If you choose to leave it to Jotaro, you'll fight the boss with only him in the party, but the version fought will have less HP and will not inflict OnFire.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Wheel of Fortune 1200 1000 500 Surgical Tools Range: S. High Atk and Def, plus he loves to use attacks that inflict BlowBack and Dizzy on the whole party. On the 6th turn, an event will occur, and the entire party will be inflicted with OnFire status, which will reoccur even if you attempt to remove it. If you chose 'fight with everybody' and Jotaro is in the party, he'll be able to use Brainstorm, but after the event during the 6th turn, it will no longer have an effect.